Details, datasheet, quote on part number: AK68PLCC-PGA
Description100 Pin PLCC to Pin Grid Array
CompanyAccutek Microcircuit Corporation
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Features, Applications


The Accutek family of AccuPGA Adapter Modules are designed to permit the soldering of surface mount PLCC devices into a standard PGA through-hole PC board. These AccuPGA modules are a pin compatible drop in replacement for end-of-life PGA devices. Standard pin counts include and 100 pins. Can accommodate square and rectangular PLCCs with 0.050" lead pitch and sizes from to 1.500". They feature 0.018" diameter machined pins with integral standoffs. Plating options are tin, solder or gold pins. AccuPGAs were developed for users with motherboard designs that require PGA's, now obsoleted by manufacturers. These adapter modules are designed for soldering directly into a through-hole PC board and save costly motherboard redesigns. AccuPGA Adapter Modules are fully assembled and tested. AccuPGAs can be manufactured turnkey or from customer supplied surface mount chips. Custom multi-chip and double sided configurations are also available for special functions.


Saves costly redesign of current motherboards Fully tested with life time limited warranty Standard pin counts include and 100 Tin, solder or gold plated pins available 0.018" diameter machined PGA pins with integral standoffs, custom sizes available IC assembly and testing available EPROM and Flash programming available Custom multi-chip and double-sided modules available

Accutek Reserves the right to make changes in specifications at any time and without notice. Accutek does not assume any responsibility for the use of any circuitry described; no circuit patent licenses are implied. Preliminary data sheets contain minimum and maximum limits based upon design objectives, which are subject to change upon full characterization over the specific operating conditions. ACCUTEK MICROCIRCUIT CORPORATION BUSINESS CENTER at NEWBURYPORT 2 NEW PASTURE ROAD, SUITE 1 NEWBURYPORT, MA 01950-4054 PHONE: 978-465-6200 FAX: 978-462-3396 E-Mail: Internet:

SPECIAL APPLICATION ADAPTERS 160 PIN PGA BOARD (for attachment of 160 Pin PQFP Microprocessor Chips)


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