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1.0 Introduction. 1 1.1 Conventions, Notations and Definitions. 1 1.2 Features. 1 1.3 Functional Overview. 2 System Configuration. 3 2.1 Microprocessor Interface. 3 Functional Description. 6 3.1 Data Ports. 6 3.2 DMA Mode. 6 3.3 Pad Word Handling in Burst Mode. 9 3.4 DMA Request Signals and Status. 9 3.4.1 FIFO Thresholds. 9 3.4.2 Request During an End-of-Record. 10 3.4.3 Request Status Bits. 10 3.5 Data Format. 11 3.6 Odd Byte Handling. 11 3.6.1 Compression Input and Pad Bytes. 11 3.6.2 Compression Output and Pad Bytes. 11 3.6.3 Decompression Input, Pad Bytes and Error Checking. 11 3.6.4 Decompression Output and Pad Bytes. 11 3.7 Video Interfaces. 12 3.7.1 Video Input. 12 3.7.2 Video Output. 12 3.8 Algorithm. 13 3.9 Compression Engine. 13 3.10 Decompression Engine. 13 3.11 Prearming. 13 3.12 Interrupts. 14 3.13 Duplex Printing. 14 3.14 Blank Bands. 14 3.15 Low Power Mode. 14 3.16 Test Mode. 14 4.0 Register Descriptions. 15 4.1 System Configuration 0, Address 0x00 - Read/Write. 17 4.2 System Configuration 1, Address 0x01 - Read/Write. 17 4.3 Input FIFO Thresholds, Address 0x02 - Read/Write. 18 4.4 Output FIFO Thresholds, Address 0x03 - Read/Write. 18 4.5 Compression Ports Status, Address 0x04 - Read Only. 18 4.6 Decompression Ports Status, Address 0x05 - Read Only. 19 4.7 Port Control, Address 0x06 - Read/Write. 20 4.8 Interrupt Status/Control 1, Address 0x07 - Read/Write. 20 4.9 Interrupt Mask 1, Address 0x09 - Read/Write. 21 4.10 Version, Address 0x0A - Read Only. 21 4.11 Decompression Record Length, Address 0x0F - Read/Write. 22 4.12 Compression Record Length, Address 0x13 - Read/Write. 22 4.13 Compression Control, Address 0x14 - Read/Write. 23 4.14 Compression Reserved, Address 0x15 - Read/Write. 23 4.15 Compression Line Length, Address 0x17 - Read/Write. 24 4.16 Decompression Control, Address 0x18 - Read/Write. 24 4.17 Decompression Reserved, Address 0x1A - Read/Write. 25 4.18 Decompression Line Length, Address 0x1D - Read/Write. 25 4.19 Compression Record Count, Address 0x21 - Read/Write. 25 4.20 Interrupt Status/Control 2, Address 0x27 - Read/Write. 25

4.21 Interrupt Mask 2, Address 0x29 - Read/Write. 26 4.22 Decompression Record Count, Address 0x2D - Read/Write. 26 4.23 Compression Byte Count, Address 0x33 - Read/Write. 26 4.24 Compression Control Prearm, Address 0x34 - Read/Write. 27 4.25 Pattern, Address 0x35 - Read/Write. 27 4.26 Decompression Control Prearm, Address 0x38 - Read/Write. 27 4.27 Decompression Reserved, Address 0x3A - Read/Write. 27 5.0 Signal Descriptions. 28 5.1 Microprocessor Interface. 28 5.2 Data Interface. 29 5.3 Video Interface. 30 5.4 System Control. 30 6.0 Pinout. 7.0 DC Electrical Specifications. 33 7.1 Operating Conditions. 33 7.2 Absolute Maximum Stress Ratings. 8.0 AC Electrical Specifications. 34 9.0 Package Specifications. 40 10.0 Ordering Information. 41 10.1 Available Parts. 41 10.2 Part Numbering. 41 11.0 Related Technical Publications. 42 Appendix A: Additional Timing Diagrams for DMA Mode Transfers. 43 Appendix B: Sequential Register Table. 50


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AT91SAM9260 : The AT91SAM9260 is the first member of a pin-compatible ARM9-based microcontroller family that shares the same programming model as ARM7-based controllers, allowing direct migration between controllers based on different ARM cores. It supports deterministic, real-time operation, offers supervisory functions, and has third-party support comparable to that.

AT91SAM9261 : The AT91SAM9261 is an ultra low-power, deterministic microcontroller based on the ARM926EJ-S processor, with 16K byte instruction and 16K byte data cache memories. It operates at 210 MIPS with a 190 MHz clock. It 160K bytes of SRAM and 32K bytes of ROM with single cycle access at maximum processor or bus speed, together with an external bus interface.

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