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CompanyAdvanced Power Technology
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Features, Applications

Power MOS is a new generation of high voltage N-Channel enhancement mode power MOSFETs. This new technology minimizes the JFET effect, increases packing density and reduces the on-resistance. Power MOS V also achieves faster switching speeds through optimized gate layout.

Identical Specifications: T-MAXTM or TO-264 Package Faster Switching Lower Leakage
Continuous Drain Current = 25C Pulsed Drain Current
Gate-Source Voltage Continuous Gate-Source Voltage Transient
Total Power Dissipation = 25C Linear Derating Factor

Operating and Storage Junction Temperature Range Lead Temperature: 0.063" from Case for 10 Sec. Avalanche Current

Symbol BVDSS ID(on) RDS(on) IDSS IGSS VGS(th) Characteristic / Test Conditions Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage (VGS 250A) On State Drain Current

Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current (VDS = VDSS, VGS = 0V) Zero Gate Voltage Drain Current (VDS = 0.8 VDSS, VGS = 125C) Gate-Source Leakage Current (VGS = 30V, VDS = 0V) Gate Threshold Voltage (VDS = VGS, = 2.5mA)

CAUTION: These Devices are Sensitive to Electrostatic Discharge. Proper Handling Procedures Should Be Followed.

Symbol Ciss Coss Crss Qg Qgs Qgd td(on) tr td(off) tf Characteristic Input Capacitance Output Capacitance Reverse Transfer Capacitance Total Gate Charge

Gate-Drain ("Miller Charge Turn-on Delay Time Rise Time

Symbol IS ISM VSD Q rr Characteristic / Test Conditions Continuous Source Current Pulsed Source Current

VDD = 0.5 VDSS = 0.5 ID[Cont.] @ 25C VGS = 15V VDD = 0.5 VDSS ID = ID[Cont.] @ 25C MIN TYP (Body Diode)

Reverse Recovery Time (IS = -ID[Cont.], dl S/dt = 100A/s) Reverse Recovery Charge (IS = -ID[Cont.], dl S/dt = 100A/s)

Symbol RqJC RqJA Characteristic Junction to Case Junction to Ambient MIN TYP MAX UNIT C/W
4 Starting = 25W, Peak = 100A The maximum current is limited by lead temperature.

1 Repetitive Rating: Pulse width limited by maximum j 2 Pulse Test: Pulse width < 380 S, Duty Cycle 2% 3 See MIL-STD-750 Method 3471

APT Reserves the right to change, without notice, the specifications and information contained herein.

These dimensions are equal to the TO-247 without the mounting hole.
APT's devices are covered by one or more of the following U.S.patents: 4,895,810 5,256,583


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