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CategoryDiscrete => Diodes & Rectifiers => Fast Recovery Diodes
Description1200V, 100A Ultrafast Soft Recovery Dual Rectifier Diode
CompanyAdvanced Power Technology
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Cross ref.Similar parts: STTH9012TV2
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Features, Applications


Anti-Parallel Diode -Switchmode Power Supply -Inverters Free Wheeling Diode -Motor Controllers -Converters Snubber Diode Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Induction Heating High Speed Rectifiers MAXIMUM RATINGS

Symbol VR VRRM VRWM IF(AV) IF(RMS) IFSM TJ,TSTG TL Characteristic / Test Conditions Maximum D.C. Reverse Voltage Maximum Peak Repetitive Reverse Voltage Maximum Working Peak Reverse Voltage

Ultrafast Recovery Times Soft Recovery Characteristics Popular SOT-227 Package Low Forward Voltage High Blocking Voltage Low Leakage Current

Low Losses Low Noise Switching Cooler Operation Higher Reliability Systems Increased System Power Density

Maximum Average Forward Current (TC = 45C, Duty Cycle = 0.5) RMS Forward Current
Non-Repetitive Forward Surge Current (TJ 45C, 8.3ms) Operating and StorageTemperature Range
Junction Capacitance, = 200V Series Inductance (Lead to Lead 5mm from Base)

Symbol Vfr1 Vfr2 diM/dt Characteristic Reverse Recovery Time, = 1.0A, diF /dt = 25C Reverse Recovery Time = 100A, diF /dt = 650V Forward Recovery Time = 25C MIN

Symbol RJC RJA VIsolation WT Characteristic / Test Conditions Junction-to-Case Thermal Resistance Junction-to-Ambient Thermal Resistance

RMS Voltage (50-60 Hz Sinusoidal Waveform from Terminals to Mounting Base for 1 Min.) Package Weight

Maximum Torque (Mounting or 4mm Machine and Terminals = 4mm Machine)

APT Reserves the right to change, without notice, the specifications and information contained herein.


Some Part number from the same manufacture Advanced Power Technology
APT2X100D20J 200V, 100A Ultrafast Soft Recovery Dual Rectifier Diode
APT2X100D30J 300,  , 1.30, 100, ISOtop J ,
APT2X100D40J 400V, 100A Ultrafast Soft Recovery Dual Rectifier Diode
APT2X100D60J 600V, 100A Ultrafast Soft Recovery Dual Rectifier Diode
APT2X100S20J 200V, 100A High Voltage Schottky Diode
APT2X101D100J 1000V, 100A Ultrafast Soft Recovery Dual Rectifier Diode
APT2X101D120J 1200V, 100A Ultrafast Soft Recovery Dual Rectifier Diode
APT2X101D20J 200V, 100A Ultrafast Soft Recovery Dual Rectifier Diode
APT2X101D30J 300,  , 1.30, 100, ISOtop J ,
APT2X101D40J 400V, 100A Ultrafast Soft Recovery Dual Rectifier Diode
APT2X101D60J 600V, 100A Ultrafast Soft Recovery Dual Rectifier Diode
APT2X101S20J 200V, 100A High Voltage Schottky Diode
APT2X10SC120J Silicon Carbide (SiC) Schottky Diode
APT2X30D100J 1000V, 30A Ultrafast Soft Recovery Dual Rectifier Diode
APT2X30D120J 1200V, 30A Ultrafast Soft Recovery Dual Rectifier Diode
APT2X30D30J 300,  , 1.30, 30, ISOtop J ,
APT2X30S20J 200,  , 0.95, 30, ISOtop J ,
APT2X31D100J 1000V, 30A Ultrafast Soft Recovery Dual Rectifier Diode

APT10035B2LL : 1000V, 28A Power MOS 7 Transistor

APT11044B2FLL : 1100, 0.440,  , 26, T-max B2 ,

APT2X60D20J :

APT40GP60JDF2 : 600,  , 2.70, 40, ISOtop J ,


APTM120UM70F-ALN : Single Switch

APT30D30 : Ultrafast SOFT Recovery Rectifier Diode

APT10045B2LL_03 : Power MOS 7TM is a new Generation of low Loss, high Voltage, N-channel Enhancement mode Power Mosfets

APTGT150DA60TG : 3 Phase Bridge Trench + Field Stop IGBT Power Module

APT4020 : Power MOS V Fredfet

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LTO100 : RESISTOR, METAL GLAZE/THICK FILM, 3.5 W, 1 - 10 %, 150; 250; 700; 900 ppm, 0.01 ohm - 1000000 ohm, THROUGH HOLE MOUNT. s: Category / Application: General Use ; Technology / Construction: Thick Film (Chip) ; Mounting / Packaging: ThroughHole, TO-247, ROHS COMPLIANT ; Operating DC Voltage: 375 volts ; Operating Temperature: -55 to 175 C (-67 to 347 F).

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NSVBC847BDW1T2G : SMALL SIGNAL TRANSISTOR. These transistors are designed for general purpose amplifier applications. They are housed in the SOT-363/SC-88 which is designed for low power surface mount applications. Requiring Unique Site and Control Change Requirements; AEC-Q101 Qualified and PPAP Capable These Devices are Pb-Free, Halogen Free/BFR Free and are RoHS Compliant* Rating Collector.

PH1030CL : 100 A, 30 V, 0.0014 ohm, N-CHANNEL, Si, POWER, MOSFET, MO-235. s: Polarity: N-Channel ; MOSFET Operating Mode: Enhancement ; V(BR)DSS: 30 volts ; rDS(on): 0.0014 ohms ; Package Type: Flatpack, PLASTIC, LFPAK-4 ; Number of units in IC: 1.

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1808PC : CAPACITOR, CERAMIC, MULTILAYER, 250 V, SURFACE MOUNT, 1808. s: Configuration / Form Factor: Chip Capacitor ; Technology: Multilayer ; Applications: General Purpose ; Electrostatic Capacitors: Ceramic Composition ; Mounting Style: Surface Mount Technology ; Operating Temperature: -55 to 125 C (-67 to 257 F).

1N5711CSM-JQR-AC : SILICON, SIGNAL DIODE. s: Package: SOT23, HERMETIC SEALED, CERAMIC, SOT-23, 3 PIN ; Number of Diodes: 1.

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