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CategoryMemory => Flash
DescriptionAct-f2m32a High Speed 64 Megabit Sector Erase Flash Multichip Module
CompanyAeroflex Circuit Technology
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Features, Applications
ACTF2M32A High Speed 64 Megabit Sector Erase FLASH Multichip Module
Features s Ready/Busy output (RY/BY) Hardware method for s 4 Low Voltage/Power AMD x 8 FLASH Die in One

MCM Package s Overall Configuration s +5V Power Supply / +5V Programing Operation s Access Times 90, 120 and ns s Erase/Program Cycles 100,000 Minimum s Sector erase architecture (Each Die) q 32 uniform sectors of 64 Kbytes each q Any combination of sectors can be erased. Also supports full chip erase q Sector group protection is user definable s Embedded Erase Algorithims Automatically pre-programs and erases the die or any sector s Embedded Program Algorithims Automatically programs and verifies data at specified address

detection of program or erase cycle completion s Hardware RESET pin Resets internal state machine to the read mode s Erase Suspend/Resume Supports reading or programming data to a sector not being erased s Packaging Hermetic Ceramic x.94" x.140" Single-Cavity Small Outline Gull Wing, Aeroflex code# "F18" (Drops into the 68 Lead JEDEC.99"SQ CQFJ footprint) s Internal Decoupling Capacitors for Low Noise Operation s Commercial, Industrial and Military Temperature Ranges s MIL-PRF-38534 Compliant MCMs Available

Utilizing AMD's Sector Erase Flash Memory Die, the is a high speed, 64 megabit CMOS flash multichip module (MCM) designed for full temperature range, military, space, or high reliability applications. The ACT-F2M32A consists of four high-performance AMD 16Mbit (16,777,216 bit) memory die. Each die contains 8 separately write or erase sector groups 256Kbytes (A sector group consists of 4 adjacent sectors of 64Kbytes each). The command register is written by bringing to a logic low level (VIL), while CE is low and OE is high (VIH). Reading is accomplished by chip Enable (CE) and Output Enable (OE) being logically active. Access time grades 90ns, 120ns and 150ns maximum are standard.

Data I/O Address Inputs Write Enables Chip Enables Output Enable Ready/Busy Reset Power Supply Ground Not Connected

Optional Configuration WE4 CE4 RESET A20 Pin Description OE 2Mx8 RESET VCC 8 I/O24-31 GND NC Data I/O Address Inputs Write Enable Chip Enables Output Enable Reset Power Supply Ground Not Connected

eroflex Circuit Technology - Advanced Multichip Modules SCD1666A REV A 9/12/97

The ACT-F2M32A is packaged in a hermetically sealed co-fired ceramic lead,.94" SQ Ceramic Gull Wing CQFP package. This allows operation in a military environment temperature range to +125C. The ACT-F2M32A can be programmed (both read and write functions) in-system using the +5.0V VCC power supply. A 12.0V VPP is not required for programming or erase operations. The end of program or erase is detected by the RY/BY pin, Data Polling or by the Toggle bit (DQ6). The ACT-F2M32A also has a hardware RESET pin. When this pin is driven low, execution of any Embedded Program Alggorithm or Embedded Erase Algorithm will be terminated. Each block can be independently erased and programmed 100,000 times at +25C.

For Detail Information regarding the operation of the Am29F016 Sector Erase Flash Memory, see the AMD datasheet (Publication 18805).

Parameter Case Operating Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Voltage with Respect to GND (All pins except A9) Voltage on Pins A9, OE, RESET

Vcc Supply Voltage with Respect to Ground Output Short Circuit Current

Notes: 1. Minimum DC voltage -0.5V on input/output pins. During Transitions, inputs may undershoot GND to -2.0V for periods to 20ns. Maximum DC voltage on input/output pins is VCC + 0.5V, which may overshoot to VCC + 2.0V for periods 20ns. 2. Minimum DC input voltage on A9 ,OE, RESET pins is -0.5V. During Voltage transitions, OE & RESET may overshoot GND to -2.0V for periods to 20ns. Maximum DC input voltage is +12.5V which may overshoot to 14V for periods 3. No more than one output shorted to ground for no more than 1 second. NOTICE: Stresses above those listed under "Absolute Maximums Rating" may cause permanent damage to the device. These are stress rating only; functional operation beyond the "Operation Conditions" is not recommended and extended exposure beyond the "Operation Conditions" may effect device reliability.

Symbol VCC VIH VIL TC Parameter 5V Power Supply Voltage (10%) Input High Voltage (CMOS) Input Low Voltage Operating Temperature (Military) Minimum 0.7 x VCC -0.5 -55 Maximum +5.5 Vcc Units V C

Parameter A20 Capacitance OE Capacitance CE Capacitance RESET Capacitance WE Capacitance RY/BY Capacitance I/O31 Capacitance

Parameter Input Load Current A9 Leakage Current Output Leakage Current Vcc Active Read Current Vcc Active Program/Erase Current (1) Vcc Standby Current Vcc Standby Current (Reset) Output Low Voltage Output High Voltage

Conditions VCC = VCCMax., VIN = VCC or GND VCC = VCCMax., = +12V VCC = VCCMax., VIN = GND to VCC CE = VIL, OE = VIH CE = VIL, OE = VIH VCC = VCCMax., CE = RESET = VCC 0.3V VCC = VCCMax., RESET = VCC 0.3V VCC = VCCMin., IOL 12 mA VCC = VCCMin., IOH -2.5 mA VCC = VCCMin., IOH -100 A


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