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DescriptionAct8504 Radiation Hardened & Esd Protected 64-channel Analog Multiplexer Module With Mux Output Monitor Function
CompanyAeroflex Circuit Technology
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ACT8504 Radiation Hardened & ESD Protected 64-Channel Analog Multiplexer Module With MUX Output Monitor Function


Full Military Temperature Range Low Power Consumption 75mW 64 Channels Provided by Four (4) HS-1840RH Multiplexers Address Bus (A0-3), and Four Enable lines afford flexible organization Output Monitoring of HS-1840RH outputs to a Fifth HS1840RH. Controlled with C0, C1 Address Lines. All Channel Inputs protected by 20V Transorbs LE F Fast Access Time 1500ns 35V Input Over Voltage Protection (Power On or Off) Break-Before-Make Switching 9001 C High Analog Input Impedance (Power On or Off) E RTIFIE D Dielectrically Isolated Device Islands No Latch-Up Packaging Hermetic Ceramic Quad Flat Pack

96 Leads, 1.32"Sq x.20"Ht Quad Flat Pack Typical Weight 15 grams

Aeroflex's is a radiation hardened, multi-chip 64 channel multiplexer MCM (multi-chip module) with ESD protection for use in space applications. All channel inputs have electrostatic discharge protection. The ACT8504 has been specifically designed to meet exposure to radiation environments. The multiplexer is available a 96 lead High Temperature Co-Fired Ceramic (HTCC) Quad Flatpack (QFP) and is guaranteed operational from to +125C. Available screened in accordance with MIL-PRF-38534, the ACT8504 is ideal for demanding military and space applications.

eroflex Circuit Technology Multiplexer Modules For The Future SCD8504 REV A 10/26/01

The ACT8504 consists of four 16 channel muxes arranged as shown in the Block Diagram. The muxes channels 0-63 are controlled by address lines - A3. The mux output monitor is controlled by address lines C0, C1. The ACT8504 design is inherently Radiation Hard due to the HS1840RH Multiplexers as well as Microsemi Corp. Transient Suppressors (Reference Microsemi MicroNotes Series 050 page 14).

NOTE: It is recommended that all "NC or "no connect pin", be grounded. This eliminates or minimizes any ESD or static buildup.


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