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The L7591 Subscriber Line Interface Circuit (SLIC) Protector is designed to protect line-feed circuitry from fault-induced lightning and power-cross surge pulses. If a fault current forces TIP and/or RING to a more negative voltage than VS, current is conducted through the trip circuit. When the specified trip current level is reached, transistors PNPN1 and/or PNPN2 will turn on and "crowbar" the majority of the current to ground. If similar pulses force TIP and/or RING to a more positive state than ground, diodes D1 and/or D2 will conduct the pulse to ground. The L7591 SLIC Protector is available an 8-pin, plastic DIP (L7591AB) and an 8-pin, plastic SONB package (L7591AS).

Shunts lightning pulses to ground Positive or negative 1000 s Positive or negative 320 s Positive or negative 10 s Power-cross protection 3.5 APEAK, to 60 Hz, s 5.0 APEAK, to 60 Hz, 10 ms Gate trigger current, 15 mA max 80 V capability Holding current, 150 mA min

Table 1. Pin Description (Applies to DIP and SONB packages) Pin Symbol TIP VS RING PR GND PT Name/Function Tip signal from customer. Supply voltage to gate to 80 V). Test Point, do not use. Ring signal from customer. Protected ring signal to line-feedcircuitry. Device ground/fault current return. Device ground/fault current return. Protected tip signal to line-feed circuitry.

Note: Pins 1 and 4 must always be connected to the protection resistors shown in Figures 4 and 5 (Line Feed Circuitry). The SLIC can be connected either to the protected outputs (pins 5 and or to the inputs (pins 1 and 4).

Stresses in excess of the Absolute Maximum Ratings can cause permanent damage to the device. These are absolute stress ratings only. Functional operation of the device is not implied at these or any other conditions in excess of those given in the operational sections of the data sheet. Exposure to Absolute Maximum Ratings for extended periods can adversely affect the device reliability. Parameter Ambient Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Range Pin Soldering Temperature 15 s max) Supply Voltage Peak Pulse Current: * (See Figure 10 s Nonrepetitive Peak ON-state Current: = 10 ms, 60 Hz Maximum Gate Current (Half Sine Wave 10 ms) Maximum Voltage: TIP or RING to Gnd VS to Gnd *Pulse Waveform Data: 10 s Symbol TA Tstg VS Value 40 to Unit C

Figure 2. Pulse Waveform 2 Lucent Technologies Inc.

The minimum and/or maximum limits specified for the parameters are based on the absolute system. The algebraic sign only applies to the direction of the parameter. These requirements apply to either the TIP or RING terminal; however, the device is capable of simultaneous Tip and Ring surges and continuous current, as noted below in Tip and Ring leads. See Figure 3 and Table 5 for symbol and test condition definition. Table 2. Electrical Characteristics D1 and D2 Characteristic Forward Voltage Peak Forward Voltage Symbol VF VFP Test Conditions 1 ms IPP 1000 s Min Typ 1.6 5.2 Max 3 15 Unit V

Table 3. Electrical Characteristics, PNPN Circuitry Characteristic Gate Trigger Current Holding Current Trip Voltage Dynamic Trip Voltage Reverse Leakage Current: VS to Tip or Ring 70 C dv/dt Sensitivity On-state Voltage: 3.0 A Symbol IGT IH VT VSGL IRG VON Test Conditions = 10 ms, V dc IPP 75 V Tip or Ring Lead 1 ms Min 0.2 150 Typ 2.0 51 Max 2.8 63 Unit mA V

Table 4. Electrical Characteristics, Diode and PNPN Circuitry Characteristic Reverse Leakage Current: (Gate Open) 70 C Off-state Capacitance: 48 V Symbol IR Coff Test Conditions = 85 MHz A pF Min Typ Max Unit


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