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DescriptionAgilent ADCM-2650 Portrait Vga Resolution CMOS Camera Module
CompanyAgilent Technologies, Inc.
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Agilent ADCM-2650 Portrait VGA Resolution CMOS Camera Module

Description The Agilent ADCM-2650 ultra compact CMOS camera module is an advanced, low-power VGA resolution camera component for embedded applications. The camera module combines an CMOS image sensor and image processing pipeline with a high-quality lens to deliver images in JPEG or video format, ready for storage or transmission. Output data is transmitted using a parallel port. The ADCM-2650 camera module features a quality, integral lens in a tightly integrated sensor and image processing design. The camera module is optimized for use in a variety of embedded applications from cell phones to handheld wireless devices to image-enabled appliances and automotive design. Incorporating a CCIR 656-compatible 8-bit parallel interface, or a JPEG or YCbCr interface, the ADCM-2650 supports industry-leading data resolutions as well as subsampling. The ADCM-2650 camera module also supports a range of programmable modes, including support for embedded or external synchronization capabilities, which extend design flexibility.

Features x 640 portrait VGA resolution Bayer color filters blue, red and green Frame rate 15 frames per second at VGA resolution Flexible orientation Programmable to many image formats: -VGA x 640) portrait only -CIF x 288) -QVGA x 240) -QCIF x 144) -QQVGA x 120) -QQCIF x 72) -Any other format 640 or smaller Panning window can be placed anywhere in the x 640 array Low power 70 mW typical at 13 MHz input clock High intrinsic sensitivity for enhanced low light performance Single 2.8V power supply with internal voltage regulation Fully configurable image processing

High quality F/2.8 lens Programmable gamma correction and color balancing Direct JPEG, YCbCr 8-bit parallel output port (CCIR 656-compatible) Embedded synchronization capability CCIR 656 Horizontal/vertical mirroring and subsampling Programmable VSYNC-HSYNC setup and hold, vertical line blanking and external clock polarity Optimized temperature performance Excellent image quality JPEG based compression with selectable quantization tables Automatic gathering of frame statistics including histograms for each color channel Automatic adjustment of compression rate for constant image file size Image resizer Auto exposure and auto white balance Integrated IR filter Compact size x 8.2mm with cover glass Applications Mobile phones Video phones Personal Digital Assistants Image-enabled appliances Digital still mini cameras Embedded automotive Monitoring equipment

The ADCM-2650 camera module is a complete image processing system.
Frame Buffer Configuration Registers Serial Control Interface SDATA SCLK
Camera Controller Video/ Still Mode Auto Exposure Auto Flicker Correction

For product information and a complete list of distributors, please go to our web site. For technical assistance call: Americas/Canada: (408) 654-8675 Europe: China: 650 0017 Hong Kong: 6271 2451 India, Australia, New Zealand: 6271 2394 Japan: 3) 3335-8152 (Domestic/International) or 0120-61-1280 (Domestic Only) Korea: 6271 2194 Malaysia, Singapore: 6271 2054 Taiwan: 6271 2654 Data subject to change. Copyright 2003 Agilent Technologies, Inc. May 2003 5988-8919EN


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