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CategoryOptoelectronics => Drivers/Controllers => Infrared/Remote Control
DescriptionIrDA Data Compliant Low Power 115.2Kbit/s with Remote Control Infrared Transceiver
CompanyAgilent Technologies, Inc.
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Features, Applications

Agilent HSDL-3007 IrDA Data Compliant Low Power 115.2 Kbit/s with Remote Control Infrared Transceiver

Features General Features Guaranteed temperature performance Critical parameters are guaranteed over temperature and supply voltage Vcc Supply to 3.6 Volts Miniature Package - Height mm - Width mm - Depth : 2.80 mm Integrated remote control LED driver Input/Output Interface Voltage 1.8 V Excellent EMI performance without shield LED Stuck-High Protection Designed to Accommodate Light Loss with Cosmetic Windows IEC 825-Class 1 Eye Safe LED stuck high protection Interface to Various Super I/O and Controller Devices Lead Free package

Description The is a new generation ultra-low profile enhanced infrared (IR) transceiver module that provides the capability of (1) interface between logic and IR signals for through-air, serial, half-duplex IR data link, and (2) IR remote control transmission for universal remote control applications. The HSDL-3007 can be used for IrDA as well as remote control application without the need of any additional external components for multiplexing. The HSDL-3007 is fully compliant to IrDA Physical Layer specification version 1.4 low power from 9.6 kbit/s to 115.2 kbit/s (SIR) and IEC825 Class 1 eye safety standards.

IrDA Features Fully Compliant to IrDA 1.4 Physical Layer Low Power Specifications from 9.6 kbit/s to 115.2 kbit/s Link distance to 50cm typically Complete shutdown for TxD_IrDA, RxD_IrDA and PIN diode Low Power Consumption Low shutdown current Remote Control Features Wide angle and high radiant intensity Spectrally suited to remote control transmission function Typical link distance to 7 meter Applications Mobile data communication and universal remote control - Mobile Phones - PDAs - Webpads

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The HSDL-3007 can be shutdown completely to achieve very low power consumption. In the shutdown mode, the PIN diode will be inactive and thus producing very little photocurrent even under very bright ambient light. It is also designed to interface to input/ output logic circuits as low as 1.8V. These features are ideal for battery operated mobile devices such as PDAs and mobile phones that require low power consumption Application Support Information

The Application Engineering Group is available to assist you with the application design associated with HSDL3007 infrared transceiver module. You can contact them through your local sales representatives for additional details.

Description LED Anode Shutdown IrDA transmitter data input. IrDA receive data Supply Voltage RC transmitter data input. Input/Output ASIC voltage Ground

I/O Type Input Active High Input Active High Output Active Low Input Active High

Notes: 1. At IrDA mode, is a contant current source. At RC mode, the current can be controlled by external resistor, R1, which is tied to Vled. Refer to the table below for recommended series resistor value. 2. Complete shutdown of IC and PIN diode. Do NOT float this pin. 3. This pin is used to transmit serial data when SD pin is low. If held high for longer than 50 s, the LED is turned off. Do NOT float this pin. 4. This pin is capable of driving a standard CMOS or TTL load. No external pull-up or pull-down resistor is required. The pin is in tri-state when the transceiver is in shutdown mode. 5. Regulated, 3.6V 6. Logic high turns on the RC LED. If held high longer than 50 s, the RC LED is turned off. Do NOT float the pin. 7. Connect to ASIC logic controller supply voltage or Vcc. The voltage at this pin should be equal to or less than Vcc. 8. Connect to system ground.

CAUTION: The BiCMOS inherent to the design of this component increases the component's susceptibility to damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD). It is advised that normal static precautions be taken in handling and assembly of this component to prevent damage and/or degradation which may be induced by ESD

Component R1 Recommended Value 1 ohm 5%, 0.0625W for 2.4V Vled 3V 3.9 ohm 5%, 0.25W for 3V Vled 3.6V 5.6 ohm 5%, 0.25W for 3V Vled 4.2V 100 nF, 20%, X7R Ceramic 20%, Tantalum 1 Notes

Notes: CX1, CX2 must be placed within HSDL-3007 to obtain optimum noise immunity

Remarks IR Rx enabled. Idle mode Remote control operation IrDA Tx operation Not recommended Shutdown mode*

* The shutdown condition will set the transceiver to the default mode (IrDA).
Absolute Maximum Ratings For implementations where case to ambient thermal resistance is 50C/W.

Parameter Storage Temperature Operating Temperature LED Anode Voltage Supply Voltage IO Vcc Input Voltage : TXD Input Voltage : SD/Mode Output Voltage : RXD DC LED Transmit Current Peak Transmit Current (RC) Peak Transmit Current (IrDA) Symbol TS TA VLEDA VCC IO Vcc VTXD VSD VO ILED (DC) ILED (PK)_RC ILED (PK)_IR Min. Max. Vcc IOVcc Vcc IOVcc 400 60 Units mA 8% duty cycle, 90 s pulse width 20% duty cycle, 90 s pulse width 1 2 Vleda should be less than VCC +4V Conditions Notes

Notes: 1. This peak current is specified for RC mode. 2. This peak current is specified for IrDA mode


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