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CategoryInterface and Interconnect
DescriptionIntegrated Transceiver
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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AK130-VS TCM Integrated Transceiver
AK134 Integrated Quad Transceiver
AK134-VQ 2b + D TCM Integrated Quad Transceiver
AK2048D 2M Cmi Transceiver
AK2302 Dual PCM Codec/filter Combo Lsi
AK2303 Dual PCM Codec For Pbx/kts
AK2304A Quad PCM Codec/filter Combo Lsi
AK2305 Dual PCM Codec For Isdn Terminal Adapter
AK2306 Dual PCM Codec For NT1/VoDSL
AK2306-LV - Dual PCM Codec For NT1/VoDSL

AK4112B :

AK4650 : Super Small Size Single-chip Audio Codec With Built-in Touch Screen Controller Built-in Mic-alc Circuit; Phone Interface With Differential Input/output Power Management Function For Control of On/off Switching of Power to Each Block Circuit; an Ac-link Interface For Audio

AKD4397 : 192khz Sampling 32bit ĥ DAC

AKD4563A : 16bit 4ch A/D and 2ch D/A Converter,

AK5357ET : 24bit 96khz ĥ ADC

AK7752 : Audio/hands Free DSP with Stereo Codec

AK5366VR : Digital Audio 24bit 48khz A/D Converter

AK2573AVB : 125M / 156M Laser Diode Driver + APC

AKD4373 : Low Power Stereo DAC with Hp/spk-amp

AKD4140 : BTSC Decoder

AKD4589 : gle chip 24bit Codec that has two Channels of ADC

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82860 : 82860 Memory Controller Hub (MCH). Information in this document is provided in connection with Intel products. No license, express or implied, by estoppel or otherwise, to any intellectual property rights is granted by this document. Except as provided in Intel's Terms and Conditions of Sale for such products, Intel assumes no liability whatsoever, and Intel disclaims any express or implied.

A2580 : . This versatile family of integrated circuits will work with many combinations of logic- and load-voltage levels, meeting interface requirements beyond the capabilities of standard logic buffers. Series UDN2580A and A2580SLW source drivers can drive incandescent, LED, or vacuum fluorescent displays. Internal transient-suppression diodes permit the drivers.

AT78C1505 : Dvd/cd Read Preamplifier. Operating Supply Range to 3.6V Power Dissipation 200mW Max Low-Power Sleep Mode < 0.5mW Four High-Speed, Low Noise or 11.7K Transimpedance (TZ) Amplifiers Programmable Voltage Amplifiers Following Fast TZ Amps 0.7, 1 and 2 V/V) Dedicated Differential RF Output Flexible Output Configuration for Fast Quad Signals Photodetector Signal Current to 30A.

BT161543DGG : 16-bit Latched Transceiver With Dual Enable And Master Reset 3-state. 74ABTH161543 16-bit latched transceiver with dual enable and master reset (3-State) Product Supersedes data of 1995 Sep 18 IC23 Data Handbook 1998 Feb 27 16-bit latched transceiver with dual enable and master reset (3-State) Two 8-bit octal transceivers with D-type latch Live insertion/extraction permitted Power-up 3-State Power-up reset Multiple VCC and GND pins.

CD54ACT2453A : Octal-bus Transceiver Three-state, Non-inverting. The CD54AC245/3A and CD54ACT245/3A are octal-bus transceivers that utilize the Harris Advanced CMOS Logic technology. They are non-inverting three-state bidirectional tranceiver-buffers intended for two-way transmission from "A" bus to "B" bus or "B" bus to "A" bus. The logic level present on the direction input (DIR) determines the data direction.

CY7C68013A : Ez-usb FX2LP Usb Microcontroller High-speed Usb Peripheral Controllercypress Semiconductor Corporation S (Cypress s) Ez-usb FX2LP (CY7C68013A) is a Low-power Version of The Ez-usb FX2, Which is a Highly Integrated, Low-power Usb 2.0 Microcontroller. BY Integrating The Usb 2.0 Transceiver, Serial Interface Engine (SIE), Enhanced 8051 Microcontroller,.

DP8228 : System Controller And Bus Driver (discontinued). The DP8238 DP8238M are system controller bus drivers contained in a standard 28-pin dualin-line package The chip which is fabricated using Schottky Bipolar technology generates all the read and write control signals required to directly interface the memory and input output components of the 8080A microcomputer family The chip also provides drive and isolation.

DS3679 : Hex Tri-state TTL to MOS Drivers. The DS1649 DS3649 and DS1679 DS3679 are Hex TRI-STATE MOS drivers with outputs designed to drive large capacitive loads 500 pF associated with MOS memory systems PNP input transistors are employed to reduce input currents allowing the large fan-out to these drivers needed in memory systems The circuit has Schottkyclamped transistor logic for minimum.

HIP2100 : 100V/2A Peak, Low Cost, High Frequency Half Bridge Driver. 100V/2A Peak, Low Cost, High Frequency Half Bridge Driver The is a high frequency, 100V Half Bridge N-Channel power MOSFET driver IC available in both 8 lead SOIC and 16 lead QFN plastic packages. The low-side and high-side gate drivers are independently controlled and matched to 8ns. This gives the user maximum flexibility in dead-time selection and driver.

ISP1130 : Usb Hub. Universal Serial Bus compound hub with integrated keyboard controller The ISP1130 integrates a Universal Serial Bus (USB) hub with a keyboard controller into a single chip, which complies with Universal Serial Bus Rev. 1.1 and the USB Device Class Definition for Human Interface Devices (HID). The hub has to 2 downstream ports and to 3 non-removable.

IT8706R : Gpio ic. If you have any marketing or sales questions, please contact: Lawrence Liu, at ITE Taiwan: E-mail:, Tel: 886-2-26579896 X6071, Fax: 886-2-26578561 David Lin, at ITE U.S.A: E-mail:, Tel: 530-8860 X238, Fax: (408) 530-8861 Don Gardenhire , at ITE Eastern USA Office: E-mail:, Tel: (512).

LT1537C : Advanced Low Power 5v Rs232 Transceiver With Small Capacitors. LT1537 Advanced Low Power 5V RS232 Transceiver with Small Capacitors Low Cost Uses Small Capacitors: 0.2F 1A Supply Current in Shutdown 120kBaud Operation for 2500pF 250kBaud Operation for = 1000pF CMOS Comparable Low Power: 40mW Operates from a Single 5V Supply Easy PC Layout: Flow-through Architecture Rugged Bipolar Design Outputs Assume a High.

MAX563 : +3.3V Powered, Eia Tia 562 Dual Transceiver With Receivers Active in Shutdown.

MAX9400 : Quad Differential Lvecl/lvpecl Buffer/receivers. The MAX9400/MAX9402/MAX9403/MAX9405 are extremely fast, low-skew quad LVECL/ECL or LVPECL/ PECL buffer/receivers designed for high-speed data and clock driver applications. These devices feature an ultra-low propagation delay of 335ps and channel-tochannel skew 16ps in asynchronous mode with 86mA supply current. The four channels can be operated synchronously.

MB86615 : Ieee 1394 Bus Controller ( For DVC ). The is 1394 serial bus controller compatible with the IEEE 1394 "FireWire" standard (IEEE Standard 1394-1995). One built-in port plus a differential transceiver and comparator are provided to enable formation of networks a 1394 cable environment. The MB86615 supports s100 data transfer speeds. By integrating the physical layer and link layer on one chip,.

SN55182J : Non-Standard Line Circuits. ti SN55182, Dual Differential Line Receiver.

SN751508FT : ti SN751508, DC Plasma Display Drivers. Each Device Drives 32 Lines 120-V PNP Open-Collector Parallel Outputs High-Speed Serially Shifted Data Inputs CMOS-Compatible Inputs Strobe and Sustain Inputs Provided Serial Data Output for Cascade Operation The SN751508 and SN751518 are monolithic integrated circuits designed to drive the data lines a dc plasma panel display. The SN751518 pin sequence.

W83C554F : PCI/ISA Bridge. Pci/isa Bridge, System I/o Controller With Pci Arbiter And UltraDMA/33 Ide Interface.

DS25BR400 : Quad Transceiver with Input Equalization and Output De-Emphasis The DS25BR400 is a quad 250 Mbps - 2.5 Gbps CML transceiver, or 8-channel buffer, for use in PCI Express, SATA, SAS, Fibre Channel backplane and cable applications. With operation down to 250 Mbps, the DS25BR400 can be used in applications requiring both low and high frequency data rates.

ADN4668 : 3 V LVDS Quad CMOS Differential Line Receiver The ADN4668 is a quad-channel CMOS, low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) line receiver offering data rates of over 400 Mbps (200 MHz) and ultralow power consumption. It a flow-through pin configuration for easy PCB layout and separation of input and output signals. The device accepts low voltage (310.

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