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Description2M Cmi Transceiver
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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FEATURES - 2.048Mbps CMI Interface - CLOCK & DATA Recovery function - Loss of Lock Detection - Loss of Signal Detection - Transmitter Pulse Shape - Single 5.0V±5% Operation - Low Power Consumption: 400mW (TYP) - Package: 44pin QFP BLOCK DIAGRAM

GENERAL DESCRIPTIONS AK2048D is the 2.048Mbps CMI interface CMOS LSI for CMI interface card. It includes Clock and Data Recovery, Line Driver, LOS Detector, etc. Build in PLL clock recovery circuit eliminates the correlation of the frequency deviation due to the uneven quality of the devices and a secular change.



The other pins (4-8,12,17-22,27,28,30,32,34-39,43,44) are NC pins. NC pins are recommended to connect to VSS to avoid noise problem. *1) TXA, TXB can drive 110 connected between these pins. *2) Must be open.


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MBM29F800BA : Flash Memory. This document specifies SPANSION memory products that are now offered by both Advanced Micro Devices and Fujitsu. Although the document is marked with the name of the company that originally developed the , these products will be offered to customers of both AMD and Fujitsu. There is no change to this datasheet as a result of offering the device as a SPANSION.

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Q45VR3DL : Photoelectric Sensor. s: No. of Channels: - ; Peak Wavelength: - ; Forward Current If(AV): - ; Sensing Range: - ; Output Current: 5A ; Optocoupler Output Type: - ; Sensor Output: Relay ; Input Current: - ; Output Voltage: - ; Supply Voltage Range DC: - ; Viewing Angle: - ; Opto Case Style: - ; Supply Voltage Range: - ; Operating Temperature Range: - ; No. of Pins:.

SECURITY 6750 : SECURITY TOOLKIT. s: Kit Contents: See datasheet. Ein Service-Koffer mit der Grundausstattung an Spezialwerkzeugen für die Installation und Wartung komplexer Sicherungs- und Alarmanlagen Koffergehäuse aus tiefgezogenen, schlagfesten, schwarzgenarbten Kunststoffschalen, mit stabilem Alu-Rahmen verpreßt, staub- und regendicht, säure- und kratzfest. Auf zwei herausnehmbaren Tafeln, eine davon beidseitig.

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M3BFK-1636J : Socket to Card Edge Rectangular Cable Assembly 3.00' (914.40mm) Strain Relief (Socket); Flange (Card Edge); IDC CABLE - MSR16K/MC16G/MCF16K. s: Connector Type: Socket to Card Edge ; Number of Positions: 16 ; Contact Finish: Gold ; Number of Rows: 2 ; : Strain Relief (Socket); Flange (Card Edge) ; Color: Gray, Ribbon ; Length: 3.00' (914.40mm) ; Usage:.

CMT1-8-R : 3.85A Common Mode Choke Filter - Power Line; INDUCTOR COMMON MODE 2.4mH T/H. s: Inductance: 2.4mH ; Impedance: - ; DC Resistance (DCR): 45 mOhm ; Current: 3.85A ; Filter Type: Power Line ; Mounting Type: Through Hole ; Package / Case: Vertical, 4 PC Pin ; Packaging: Bulk ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

XC6209F252MR-G : Pmic - Voltage Regulator - Linear (ldo) Integrated Circuit (ics); IC REG LDO 2.5V SOT-25. s: Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant.

DME50B010R : Transistor (bjt) - Array Discrete Semiconductor Product 100mA 50V 150mW NPN, PNP; TRANS ARRAY NPN/PNP 50V SMINI5. s: Transistor Type: NPN, PNP ; Voltage - Collector Emitter Breakdown (Max): 50V ; Current - Collector (Ic) (Max): 100mA ; Power - Max: 150mW ; DC Current Gain (hFE) (Min) @ Ic, Vce: 210 @ 2mA, 10V ; Vce Saturation (Max) @ Ib, Ic: 300mV @ 10mA,.

STM32F100CBT6B : ARM Microcontrollers - MCU 32BIT CORTEX M3 48PINS 128KB. s: Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics ; Product Category: ARM Microcontrollers - MCU ; Core: ARM Cortex M3 ; Data Bus Width: 32 bit ; Maximum Clock Frequency: 24 MHz ; Program Memory Size: 128 kB ; Data RAM Size: 8 kB ; Brand: STMicroelectronics ; ADC Resolution: 12 bit ; Operating Supply Voltage:.

STM32F103RET6 : ARM Microcontrollers - MCU 32BIT Cortex M3 Performance LINE. s: Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics ; Product Category: ARM Microcontrollers - MCU ; Core: ARM Cortex M3 ; Data Bus Width: 32 bit ; Maximum Clock Frequency: 72 MHz ; Program Memory Size: 512 kB ; Data RAM Size: 64 kB ; Brand: STMicroelectronics ; ADC Resolution: 12 bit ; Operating Supply Voltage:.

DMP3130LQ-7 : MOSFET P-CH. MOSFET BVDSS: 25V-30V, AEC-Q101. s: Manufacturer: Diodes Incorporated ; Product Category: MOSFET ; Technology: Si ; Mounting Style: SMD/SMT ; Package/Case: SOT-23-3 ; Number of Channels: 1 Channel ; Transistor Polarity: P-Channel ; Vds - Drain-Source Breakdown Voltage: - 30 V ; Id - Continuous Drain Current: - 3.5 A ; Rds On - Drain-Source.

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