Details, datasheet, quote on part number: AK2500
DescriptionDs3/sts-1 Analog Line Receiver
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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Features, Applications

The is a DSP based line receiver. It provides the analog receive line interface functions for a 44.736 MHz or 51.84 MHz STS-1 interface. The device operates from a single +3.3 Volt supply and is transparent to the framing format. -


"Robust" DSP based line receiver AK2500B Provides Complete Analog Line Receiver for DS3 and STS-1 Applications Provides Line Equalization, and Clock and Data Recovery Functions


Interfacing network transmission equipment such as SONET multiplexor and a DSX3 cross connect. Interfacing customer premises equipment to a line.


No. Note: 1)External resister 4.9 kohm is connected between IREF and VSS. 2)Input impedance of RIN is more than up to VDD with internal register. (typical 50k ohm) Pin Name IREF LOSTHR RLOL RIN VDDA RESET BREF TREF VSSA VSSD RLOS EXCLK VDDD VDDA VDDC RCLK RNDATA RPDATA VSSC VSSA MODE1 MODE2 I/O Analog CMOS 15pF "L" CMOS 15pF "H" CMOS Analog Note 3 Pin Type Analog CMOS Analog 15pF "H" Note 2 Maximum AC load Minimum DC load Status on Reset


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