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DescriptionFeed-forward Automatic Power Control For Laser Modules
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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Features Single Chip LSI that integrates APC (Auto Power Control) and ATC (Auto Temperature Control) functions for WDM Laser Module A controlling TEC (Thermal Electrical Cooler) stabilizes the temperature of LD module in the range +/-0.1C by PID algorithm. Parameters controlling Laser Diode are user programmable and stored in EEPROM Internal Temperature Sensor detects on-chip temperature, enabling compensation internal and external components that may be affected by changing ambient temperature. Autonomous operation (internal oscillator and logic). Pin-selectable wavelength data for tunable laser diodes (four options). Single 3.3V operation 64-pin LQFP or Bare chip

Description The is a single-chip solution for WDM Laser Diode Module applications. It integrates both ATC (Auto Temperature Control) and APC (Auto Power Control) functions in a small 64-pin LQFP or bare die package.. The ATC function of the AK2571 detects the LD module temperature via an external thermister and uses the PID algorithm to control the Thermo-Electric Cooler (TEC). This provides 0.1C stabilization.. A customer can program the appropriate PID parameters into the internal EEPROM , thereby providing compensation characteristics for each Laser Diode. TEC control is handled through either PWM or Analog current control through I-DAC4. These are easily selected by an EEPROM (Register) setting. The APC has two functions. The first function is to compensate for Laser Diode power decreases caused by aging. The other function is to compensate for temperature variations of AK2571 and external components (current amplifier or driver circuits) which may be affected by ambient temperature within the LDM. The AK2571 does this by controlling BIAS and modulation current according to the look up table in EEPROM. The AK2571 has every alarm needed for WDM modules (Loss of power, Over current, Temperature etc.). There is a dithering function for modulation current that improves the extinction ratio for long distance transmissions. Also, parameter and compensation data can be stored for four wavelengths. If a customer uses a tunable laser diode, it is very easy to change the wavelength by pin control.

AK2571 - Block Diagram RB (12k) BIAS GEN EEPROM Store the parameter and look up table Gain Adj RPD CPD STATUS_MON REFOUT Regulator Alarm Decision Rth TEMPIN RL Gain & OFFSET Adj TIMERALM OPALM(Optical out down) CUALM(Over Current) TEMPALM(Temperature ALM PIDALM(TECControl current ALM) WLALM(Target Temperature ALM) Selecter PDIN IOUT1 I-DAC1

HEATP PWM COOLP or Current direction COOLN control HEATN

1. Over view The AK2571 has two primary functions. The first function is APC (Automatic Temperature Control) which supplies adequate modulation /BIAS current to a Laser diode and the other is ATC (Automatic Temperature control) which controls the TEC (Thermo Electric Cooler) to stabilize the temperature of the Laser diode. 1. APC There are three Digital to Analog Converters 2, 3) that output the current for modulation, BIAS and EA (Electrical Absorption) Modulation. Maximum output currents I-DAC1: 120mA (typ.), I-DAC2 and I-DAC3: 20mA (typ.) Each DAC has a current limit function whose value is stored in the internal EEPROM. This is especially important for I-DAC1, which has the modulation function for dithering. In WDM systems, there is no need for discrete laser diode temperature compensation. However the outer current amplifier or LD drivers may be affected by ambient temperature changes. In order to compensate for these the AK2571 has a feed-forward APC that can supply adequate current corresponding to the ambient temperature change detected by the internal T_V converter. Please refer the part "3. APC" for details. 1.2 ATC The AK2571 controls TEC to stabilize the input voltage from the temperature sensor of the LD module (Thermistor). The control algorithm is PID (Proportion Integration Differential) which has user-programmable parameters that are stored in EEPROM. There are two ways for driving TEC, one is PWM (more energy effective than DC drive), the other is DC current drive through I-DAC, which has lower noise. Please refer the part "4. ATC" for details. 1.3 Control Sequence There are three functional modes in AK2571 below. 1) Self-operation mode: The AK2571 operates ATC and APC independently. When self-operating mode starts, , ATC Lock (detects when the target temperature is reached), APC Count up (prevents jumps in BIAS and Modulation currents) and Timer (counts the time from device start to beginning of operation) are available. 2) Register Access Mode: AK2571 permits writing registers through the digital interface. Customers can adjust any parameters or tables in this mode. 3) EEPROM mode: AK2571 permits EEPROM writes. Customers can store the parameters or table data in EEPROM. Please refer the part "5. Sequencer" for details.


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