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CategoryMultimedia => Audio => D/A Converters
Description2V & Low Power Multi-bit DAC
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
DatasheetDownload AK4352 datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: PCM1772, PCM1773
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AK4352VT 2V & Low Power Multi-bit DAC
AK4356 192kHz 24bit Six-channel DAC For Dvd-audio
AK4358 - 8-channel 112dB DAC For Pcm, DSD
AK4359 8-channel, 24-bit DAC For DVD-Audio, TDM Data Format
AK4359 Cost-efficient 8-channel 24-bit D/A Converter For Consumer Dvd/av Equipment
AK4363 96kHz 24bit DAC With PLL
AK4364 96kHz 24bit DAC With PLL And Dit
AK4366 - 24-bit DAC 8-48KHz With 50mW Headphone Amp
AK4367 - 24-bit DAC 8-48KHz With 50mW HP Amp, Mixer
AK4380 100dB 24bit 96kHz 2ch DAC
AK4381 - 192KHz 108dB DAC, Differential Outputs
AK4382 112db 192khz 24-bit SCH DAC
AK4382VT 112db 192khz 24-bit SCH DAC
AK4384 - 192KHz 106dB DAC, Single-ended Outputs
AK4386 24-bit, 3V, 96kHz Stereo DAC
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54ACT715 : Video Communication. 54ACT715 - Programmable Video SYNC Generator, Package: Lcc, Pin Nb=20.

GS9023A : Video Transport. SD Embedded Audio Codec. DATA SHEET single chip embedded audio solution operates as an embedded audio multiplexer or demultiplexer full support for 48kHz synchronous 20/24 bit audio 4 channels of audio per GS9023A cascadable architecture supports additional audio channels multiplexes and demultiplexes arbitrary ANC data packets support for and 540 Mb/s video standards full.

M52693SP : Burst Lock Clock Generator. The is a semiconductor integrated circuit developed for analog signal processing of a picture-in-picture system, consisting of a sync separator, an ACC, a burst lock clock generator circuit, an analog switch and a clamp circuit, etc. It is also available on digital video signal systems other than the above. PIP CVBS OUT GND MAIN CLAMP CAP. VIDEO 1 VCC2.

M65821FP : CD Player Digital Signal Processor.

MM1407 : Audio. This audio IC was developed for notebook PCs and allows major reduction of amp circuit board area. (To conform to PC98, includes built-in speaker drive amp, headphone amp, line amp. stereo/monaural switching, DC voltage control electronic volume, watchdog, logic control function.) (1) Speaker amp: Stereo BTL output 0.7W (when VCC 8) (2) Electronic volume.

PT2313L : PT2313L is a Four-channel Digital Control Audio Processor Utilizing CMOS Technology..

PT8214 : I/O Expander + DAC. PT8214 is an 8-bit D/A Converter ic With Operational Amplifier Output Buffers..

TDA7521 : Analog Front End. is a BiCMOS analog front end for CD applications. Four input signals (AC*, BD*, E* and F*), coming from the pick-up (whose laser diode is driven and controlled by the device itself), are preamplified by a programmable voltage-to-voltage or current-tovoltage stage, depending on the used pick-up. The output signals from the preamplifier stage (AC, BD, E, F and HF, a radio.

TDA8395P : . Preliminary File under Integrated Circuits, IC02 October 1991 Fully integrated filters Alignment free For use with baseband delay GENERAL The is a self-calibrating, fully integrated SECAM decoder. The IC should preferably be used in conjunction with the PAL/NTSC decoder or TDA8366 and with the switched capacitor baseband delay circuit TDA4660. The IC incorporates.

TEA6420 : TV & VCR. Bus-controlled Audio Matrix Switch. 5 Stereo Inputs 4 Stereo Ouputs Gain Control 0/2/4/6dB/Mute for each Output cascadable (2 different addresses) Serial Bus Controlled Very low Noise Very low Distorsion SHRINK DIP 24 (Plastic Package) ORDER CODE: TEA6420 The TEA6420 switches 5 stereo audio inputs on 4stereo outputs. All the switching possibilities are changed through the I2C bus. SO28.

TLV320AIC27 : Multimedia Codec. Stereo Audio Codec. or 5-V Operation 18-Bit Stereo Codec S/N Ratio >95 dB Multiple Stereo Input Mixer Mono and Stereo Volume Control 48-Pin TQFP Package Power Management Low-Power Implementation Four DAC Channels, Stereo ADC Balanced Mixer Architecture Variable Rate Audio and Modem Support Analog 3D Stereo Enhancement Line Level Outputs Master/Slave ID Selection AC97.

TLV990-21 : . application Single-Chip CCD Analog Front-End 10-Bit, 21-MSPS, Single 3-V Supply Operation A/D Converter Very Low Power: 150-mW Typical, 2-mW Power-Down Mode Differential Nonlinearity Error: < 0.5 LSB Typical Integral Nonlinearity Error: < 0.75 LSB Typical Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA) With to 36-dB Gain Range (0.045 dB/Step) Automatic or Programmable.

STw5098 : STw5098 is a dual low power asynchronous stereo audio CODEC device with headphones amplifiers for high quality audio listening and recording..

NJM2754 : 4in-1out Audio Selector?with Isolation Amplifier The NJM2754 is 4In-1out stereo audio Selector with ground noise isolation amplifiers. It contains dual channel differential amplifier.It is developed for those car audio applications where long connections between head unit and other?components are necessary and ground noise has to be eliminated..

TMS320DM365 : Digital Media System-on-Chip (DMSoC) Digital Media System-on-Chip (DMSoC).

ISL76321 : 16-Bit Long-Reach Video Automotive Grade SERDES With Bi-directional Side-Channel The ISL76321 is a serializer/deserializer of LVCMOS parallel video data. The video data presented to the serializer on the parallel LVCMOS bus is serialized into a high-speed differential signal. This differential signal is converted back to parallel video at the remote.

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