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CategoryMultimedia => Audio => D/A Converters
Description96kHz 24bit DAC With PLL
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
DatasheetDownload AK4363 datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: PCM1791A, PCM1793
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AK4363VF 96kHz 24bit DAC With PLL
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AK4366 - 24-bit DAC 8-48KHz With 50mW Headphone Amp
AK4367 - 24-bit DAC 8-48KHz With 50mW HP Amp, Mixer
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AK4382 112db 192khz 24-bit SCH DAC
AK4382VT 112db 192khz 24-bit SCH DAC
AK4384 - 192KHz 106dB DAC, Single-ended Outputs
AK4386 24-bit, 3V, 96kHz Stereo DAC
AK4386 24-bit Audio DAC With Advanced Noise Reduction
AK4395 192kHz 24-bit DAC
AK4516A 3v 16bit ADC&dac With Built-in Pga
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AKD4380 : Evaluation Board Rev.a For Ak4380

AME8843AEGT180 : 750ma CMOS LDO

AK4370VN : 24-bit 2ch DAC with Hp-amp & Output Mixer

AK8813VG : Ntsc/pal Digital Video Encoder

AKD4383 : 192khz Sampling 24bit ĥ DAC

AK5366VQ : Digital Audio 24bit 48khz A/D Converter

AK4640VN : 16-bit ĥ Codec with Mic/hp/spk-amp

AK8814 : Ntsc/pal Digital Video Encoder

AKD5357-B : Digital Audio 24bit 96khz A/D Converter

AKD4552 : 24bit A/D and D/A Converter,

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BA3888S : . The is a sound processor IC that performs phase and harmonic compensation on audio signals to accurately reproduce the "rise" section of audio signals that determines the characteristics of the sound, and thus reproduce the original recording as naturally as possible. FApplications VCRs, tape recorders and video equipped television F 1) Corrects distortion.

CS4929-CL : Multi-channel Digital Audio Decoders.

LM4878IBP : Boomer Audio Power Amplifiers. LM4878 - 1 Watt Audio Power Amplifier in Micro SMD Package With Shutdown Logic Low, Package: Microsmd, Pin Nb=8.

MAX470 : Two-channel, Triple/quad RGB Video Switches And Buffers. 100MHz Unity-Gain Bandwidth 90MHz Bandwidth with 2V/V Gain 0.01%/0.03 Differential Gain/Phase Error Drives 50 and 75 Back-Terminated Cable Directly Wide Output Swing: 2V into 75 2.5V into 150 300V/s Slew Rate (2V/V gain) 20ns Channel Switching Time Logic Disable Mode: High-Z Outputs Reduced Power Consumption Outputs May Be Paralleled for Larger.

MB90096 : Display Control Product. Osdc(on-screen Display Controller). The is a multi-scan on-screen display controller that supports horizontal sync signal frequencies of 15 kHz to 120 kHz.The on-screen display configuration to 32 characters x 16 lines. The character configuration to 24 dots x 32 dots for high resolution, ideal for wide-screen TV, HDTV, and high-resolution personal computer displays. The character display.

PT2308L : Stereo Headphone Driver. PT2308L is a Class ab Stereo Headphone Driver Chip Utilizing CMOS Technology Specially Designed For Portable Digital Audio Applications..

SAA7324 : Decoder servo. SAA7324; Digital Servo Processor And Compact Disc Decoder With Integrated DAC (CD10 II);; Package: SOT393-1 (QFP64).

TA8238K : 1-channel. Package = Hsip 15-P-2.00A ;; Recommended VCC (V) = 6-18V ;; RL=2 Ohm = 5.3 W X 2 ;; RL=4 Ohm = ;; RL=8 Ohm = ;; /built-in Functions = 2 Channels, Standby Switch ;; Operating Voltage (V) =.

TDA1548T : TDA1548T; Bitstream Continuous Calibration Filter-dac With Headphone Driver And DSP.

TDA9511 : TV & VCR. DC Coupling High Voltage Video Amplifier. BANDWIDTH : 40MHz TYPICAL RISE AND FALL TIME : 9ns TYPICAL SUPPLY VOLTAGE : 110V POWER DISSIPATION : 3.0W ESD PROTECTED The is a video amplifier designed with a high voltage Bipolar/CMOS/DMOS technology (BCD). It drives in DC coupling mode one cathode of a monitor and is protected against flashovers. It is available in Heptawatt package. PIN CONNECTIONS.

TEA6320 : Car radio. TEA6320; Sound Fader Control Circuit;; Package: SOT287-1 (SO32).

UTCLAG668 : = 1-Chip ic For Headphone Stereo ;; Package = SOP-28 ;;. The UTC is a monolithic integrated circuit, designed for portable radio cassette. VBPRE 1IN+ 1ININFPRF IOUTPRE ATT1 CONVOL VREF 1OUTP GNDP VBP GNDMD VCON MOON GNDPRE 2OUTPRE ATT2 PREOFF VCCPRE VCC 2OUTP MOOFF VCCMO CONT CONS VBPRE 1 IN+ IN 1 NFPRE 1 OUTPRE ATT 1 CONVOL VREF 1 OUTP GNDP VBP GNDMD VCON MOON Pre Amp Bias Voltage Channel 1 " Input Channel.

YSS247-E : Surround. Analog Sound Processor.

ZL10310 : "DVB-T On-a-Chip" Digital Television System-on-a-Chip Processor with Integrated COFDM Demodulator Zarlink Semiconductor has responded to market demand by integrating its key DVB-TTM compliant COFDM demodulation technology with Set Top Box functionality (MPEG-2 A/V decoder and system interfaces) together with a high performance CPU to offer a "DVB-TTM.

AT83SND2CMP3 : Single-Chip MP3 Decoder with Full Audio Interface The AT83SND2CMP3 has been developped as a versatile remote controlled MP3 player for very fast MP3 feature implementation into most existing system. It perfectly fits needed in mobile phones and toys, but can also be used in any portable equipment and in industrial applications. Audio files and any other.

HT82V26A : 16-Bit CCD/CIS Analog Signal Processor The HT82V26A is a complete analog signal processor for CCD imaging applications. It a 3-channel architecture designed to sample and condition the outputs of tri-linear color CCD arrays. Each channel consists of an input clamp, Correlated Double Sampler (CDS), offset DAC and Programmable Gain Amplifier (PGA), and a high.

LM4922 : Ground-Referenced, Ultra Low Noise, Fixed Gain, 80mW Stereo Headphone Amplifier The LM4922 is a ground referenced, fixed-gain audio power amplifier capable of delivering 80mW of continuous average power into a 16 single-ended load with less than 1% THD+N from a 3V power supply. The LM4922 a new circuit technology that utilizes a charge pump to generate.

PCM3793A : The PCM3793A/94A is a low-power stereo CODEC designed for portable digital audio applications. The device integrates stereo digital speaker amplifier, headphone amplifier, line amplifier, line input, boost amplifier, microphone bias, programmable gain control, analog mixing, sound effects, and automatic level control (ALC). It is available in a small-footprint,.

TPA3120D2 : The TPA3120D2 is a 25-W (per channel) efficient, Class-D audio power amplifier for driving stereo speakers in a single-ended configuration or a mono bridge-tied speaker. The TPA3120D2 can drive stereo speakers as low as 4 . The efficiency of the TPA3120D2 eliminates the need for an external heat sink when playing music. The gain of the amplifier is controlled.

LM4911 : Stereo 40mW Low Noise Headphone Amplifier With Selectable Capacitive Coupled Or OCL Output The LM4911 is an stereo audio power amplifier capable of delivering 40mW per channel of continuous average power into a 16? load or 25mW per channel into a 32? load at 1% THD+N from a 3V power supply. Boomer audio power amplifiers were designed specifically to provide.

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