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CategoryMultimedia => Audio => Codecs
Description3v 16bit ADC&dac With Built-in Pga
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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1. Resolution: 16 bits 2. Recording Function Analog Input PGA (Programmable Gain Amp) Peak-Meter Output Overflow Flag Output Auto Limitter Circuit Auto Recovery Circuit HPF(fc=3.4Hz) for offset cancel 3. Playback Function Digital De-emphasis 48kHz) 4. Analog-Through Mode 5. Power Management 6. ADC Input (Including the PGA) Single-ended Input Input Level: 1.7Vpp (=0.57 VA, VA=3V) THD+N: -85dB DR,S/N: 90dB 7. DAC Output Single-ended Output Output Level: 1.8Vpp (=0.6 VA, RL 10k Frequency Response: 0.5dB( 20kHz) THD+N: -86dB DR,S/N: 90dB 8. Master Clock: 256fs/384fs 9. Audio Data Format ADC: 16bit, MSB first, MSB justified, IIS, LSB justified(only BICK=64fs correspondent) DAC: 16bit, MSB first, MSB justified, IIS, MSB justified 10. Ta: C 11. Power Supply: 3.6V 12. Power Dissipation: 24pinVSOP (0.65mm Pitch)


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