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CategoryData Conversion => ADC (Analog to Digital Converters)
Description100db 20bit Stereo ADC & DAC
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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Features, Applications

General Description The is a stereo CMOS A/D & D/A converter for middle-range MD/DAT, Surround System and musical instruments. Signal inputs and outputs are single-ended. The DAC outputs are analog filtered to remove out of band noise. External components are minimized. Features

Stereo ADC - 64x Oversampling - S/(N+D): 3V - Dynamic Range: 3V - S/N: 3V - Digital HPF for offset cancel Stereo DAC - 128x Oversampling - 2nd order SCF + 2nd order CTF - Digital de-emphasis for 44.1kHz, 48kHz sampling - S/(N+D): 3V - Dynamic Range: 3V - S/N: at 3V High Jitter Tolerance Sample Rate Ranging from to 54kHz Master Clock: to 5.5V supply Low Power Dissipation: 255mW Small 28pin VSOP Package

ASAHI KASEI Ordering Guide C 28pin VSOP AK4520A Evaluation Board

PIN/FUNCTION No. 1 Pin Name VREFH I/O I Function Positive Voltage Reference Input Pin, VA Used as a positive voltage reference by ADC & DAC. VREFH is connected externally to filtered VA. Negative Voltage Reference Input Pin, AGND Used as a negative voltage reference by ADC & DAC. VREFL is connected externally to AGND. Rch Analog Positive Input pin Rch Analog Negative Input Pin Lch Analog Positive Input pin Lch Analog Negative Input Pin Analog Power Supply Pin Analog Ground pin Audio Data Interface Format Pin Audio Data Interface Format Pin Input/Output Channel Clock Pin Audio Serial Data Clock Pin Audio Serial Data Input Pin Audio Serial Data Output Pin Master Clock Input Pin De-emphasis Frequency Select Pin De-emphasis Frequency Select Pin Test Pins (Pull down pins) Must be left open or connected to DGND. Digital Power Supply Pin Digital Ground Pin DAC Power-Down Mode Pin ADC Power-Down Mode Pin Master Clock Select Pin "H": 384fs, "L": 256fs Lch analog output pin Rch analog output pin Common Voltage Output Pin, VA/2


Note: All input pins except pull-down pins should not be left floating.


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