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CategoryMultimedia => Audio => Codecs
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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AK4527B Multi-channel Audio Codec
AK4528 Audio Codec
AK4532 Internet/network/general Purpose Multimedia Audio Codec
AK4534 - 16-bit Codec, PLL Audio Routing For Pda Applications
AK4537 - 16-bit, 48KHz Codec With Spkr, HP, Mic Amps
AK4538 - Low-power Codec For Portables, Pda
AK4541 Multimedia Audio Codec
AK4544A Audio Codec With SRC
AK4545 Audio Codec With SRC With Dit
AK4550 Low Power & Small Package 16bit Codec
AK4550VT Low Power & Small Package 16 Bit Codec
AK4551 Low Power & Small Package 20bit Codec
AK4551VT - 20bit 3V

AK2546 : 7 Channel T1 Transceiver

AK4527B : Multi-channel Audio Codec

AK5392 :

AK6003AV : - 2Kbit

AK4250 : 1ch Video Amplifier with low pass Filter

AK7742 : 24bit 2ch ADC + 24bit 4ch DAC with Audio DSP

AK4145ET : Digital BTSC Stereo Encoder

AK5386VT : Single-ended 24-bit 192khz ĥ ADC

AKD4631-VN : 16bit mono Codec with Mic/spk Amplifier.

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AN3316K : Tape Player/VCR. Recording/playback Amplifier ic For VCR Hi-fi Audio. The an IC developed as a recording/playback amplifier for VCR Hi-Fi audio. In combination with the AN3970 and AN3976, it can configure the system. Operating supply voltage : 5V(typ.). Adjustment-free recording current by built-in Rec AGC. 2-channel output through playback amplifier. Parameter Supply voltage Power dissipation Operating ambient temperature.

BA9756FS : Display Controllers. High-voltage Control Circuit For CRT Displays. The BA9756FS is LSIs that control CRT anode voltage in multi-scan monitors and similar devices, using a chopper-type voltage control circuit. The internal sawtooth wave generator circuit uses automatic gain control (AGC) to enable coverage of a wide range from 30kHz to over 150kHz. The BA9756FS is equipped with an internal high-precision voltage source.

HOS-060 : Preamp/Amp. Low Offset, Fast Settling Video Operational Amplifier.

KA2402 : = KA2402 DC Motor Speed Controller ;; Function = Tape eq Amp ;; = Vcc=4V~12V,low Reference Voltage,low Quiscent Current(1.3mA),high Output Current ;; Package = TO92L ;; Production Status = Mass Production.

KA2919 : Display & Video. = KA2919 Vif / Sif System For Color TV ;; Function = - ;; = Vif Amp,video Det.,peak Ifagc,sif Det.,af Driver ;; Package = 30SDIP ;; Production Status = Eol.

LM1851 : Ground Fault Interrupters. LM1851 - Ground Fault Interrupter, Package: Soic Narrow, Pin Nb=8.

LR38630 : Image Processor/Correction. Digital Signal Processor For Cif CMOS Image Cameras.

MAX3831 : Multiplier/Mixer. +3.3V, 2.5Gbps, SDH/SONET, 4-Channel Interconnect Mux/demux Ics With Clock Generator.

MAX4434 : Single-Supply, 150MHz, 16-Bit Accurate, Ultra-low Distortion op Amps. The MAX4434/MAX4435 single and MAX4436/MAX4437 dual operational amplifiers feature wide bandwidth, 16bit settling time in 23ns, and low-noise/low-distortion operation. The MAX4434/MAX4436 are compensated for unity-gain stability and have a small-signal -3dB bandwidth of 150MHz. The MAX4435/MAX4437 are compensated for closed-loop gains +5 or greater.

MB90099 : Display Control Product. Osdc(on-screen Display Controller). The is an on-screen display controller for displaying text and graphics on the TV screen. The threechannel output control function, compact package and low voltage operation make this device suitable for onscreen displays in portable devices including camera-integrated VTRs and digital still cameras. The MB90099 controls a display area of 28 characters.

SAA7112H : . SAA7112 Decoder with High-Performance Scaler (HPS) for Image Port (PELICAN) Preliminary File under Integrated Circuits, IC22 1996 Jun 20 Decoder with High-Performance Scaler (HPS) for Image Port (PELICAN) The PELICAN is a video capture device for application at the image port of a VGA controller, with following feature highlights: Video Decoder Six analog.

TDA7345 : Effects Processor. Digitally Controlled Audio Processor With Surround Sound Matrix.

TLV990APFB : CCD Imaging Analog Front Ends. ti TLV990A, 3-V 10-Bit 28-MSPS Area CCD And Video Signal Processor.

TMC2111Ax1 : Variable-length Shift Register. Low power CMOS is a pin compatible replacement for the TDC1011 and is a pin compatible replacement for the TMC2111 Inputs and outputs are TTL compatible DC40MHz clock rate Selectable delay lengths to 18 stages, to 16 stages) Special 4-bit wide mixed-delay mode (TMC2011A) Available in 24-pin CERDIP and plastic DIP and 28-lead Plastic Leadless Chip Carrier.

WT8045 : Multi-Sync monitors. Multi-sync Processing, Vesa DPMS of Energy Star Equipment Requirements, Built-in Test Pattern, Etc..

MAX4389 : Ultra-Small, Low-Cost, 85MHz Op Amps With Rail-to-Rail Outputs And Disable The MAX4389/MAX4390/MAX4392MAX4396 family of op amps are unity-gain stable devices that combine high-speed performance, rail-to-rail outputs, and disable mode. These devices are targeted for applications where an input or an output is exposed to the outside world, such as video.

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