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CategoryMultimedia => Audio => Codecs
DescriptionMulti-channel Audio Codec
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
DatasheetDownload AK4527B datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: AD1835, AD1837, AD1839
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AK4527BVQ Multi-channel Audio Codec
AK4528 Audio Codec
AK4532 Internet/network/general Purpose Multimedia Audio Codec
AK4534 - 16-bit Codec, PLL Audio Routing For Pda Applications
AK4537 - 16-bit, 48KHz Codec With Spkr, HP, Mic Amps
AK4538 - Low-power Codec For Portables, Pda
AK4541 Multimedia Audio Codec
AK4544A Audio Codec With SRC
AK4545 Audio Codec With SRC With Dit
AK4550 Low Power & Small Package 16bit Codec
AK4550VT Low Power & Small Package 16 Bit Codec
AK4551 Low Power & Small Package 20bit Codec
AK4551VT - 20bit 3V
AK4554 Low-power Stereo 16-bit Codec
AK4562 Low Power 20bit Codec With Pga
AK4562VN - 20bit Apga Hp-volume 3V

AK4364 : 96kHz 24bit DAC With PLL And Dit

AK6420B : 2k / 4k / 8kbit Serial CMOS EePROM

AKD4380 : Evaluation Board Rev.a For Ak4380

AKD4706-A : AV Scart Switch. Evaluation Requires Audio/video Analog Analyzers/generators and a Power Supply

AKD4645-B : Stereo Codec with Built-in Mic/hp Amplifier

AKD8130 : Evaluation Board for Ak8130

AK4370VN : 24-bit 2ch DAC with Hp-amp & Output Mixer

AK6516C : SPI bus 256kbit Serial CMOS Eeprom

AK4556VT : 3V 192khz 24bit ĥ Codec

AK7750 : Audio DSP with Built-in Hands-free Phone Features

AK9750 : IC SENSOR 4CHH INFRARED 10SON AKM’s AK9750 is an ultra-low power and compact infrared-ray (IR) sensor module. It integrates four quantum IR sensors and a signal processing IC. The four IR sensors’ offset and gain variations are calibrated at shipment making system calibration not necessary by users. An integral an

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AD9750ARU : 10-bit, 125 MSPS High Performance Txdac D/A Converter. +5V REFLO 0.1F +1.20V REF REFIO FS ADJ DVDD DCOM CLOCK SLEEP DIGITAL DATA INPUTS (DB9DB0) SEGMENTED SWITCHES LATCHES LSB SWITCH AVDD CURRENT SOURCE ARRAY ACOM 150pF High Performance Member of Pin-Compatible TxDAC Product Family 125 MSPS Update Rate 10-Bit Resolution Excellent Spurious Free Dynamic Range Performance SFDR to Nyquist @ 5 MHz Output: 76 dBc Differential.

AN2492FH : NTSC. Luminance And Chrominance Signal Processing Circuit For 8 MM Video ( NTSC ).

AN2546FH-A : Package =. The is a video signal processing IC built-in a 5-volt power-supply source driver for TFT color LCD (normally white type), and it supports the NTSC, PAL and PAL-M/PAL-N systems. The main circuitry of this IC includes video-signal processing circuit, color signal processing circuit, interface circuit, synchronizing circuit and many color quality adjusting.

AN7560Z : Package = HZIP025-P-0980B(Pb Free). The is an audio power IC developed as the sound output of car audio 4-ch.). A capacitor and resisitor to stop oscillation are built in between the output pin and GND so that a space saving of set is possible. Also, it incorporates a perfect muting circuit without shock noise so that a shock noise design under the set transient condition can be made.

LM1875 : Legacy Amps. LM1875 - 20-W Audio Power Amplifier, Package: to 220, Pin Nb=5.

LR38266 : Image Processor/Correction. Digital Signal Processor For Color CCD Cameras.

M52795 : Switch/Controls. av Switch With I2c Bus Control. Notice. This is not a final . Some parametric limits are subject to change. The is AV switch semiconductor integrated circuit with I2C bus control. This IC contains of 4-input audio switches and of 4-input video switches. Each channel can be controled independently. The video switches contain amplifiers can be controled a gain of output or 6dB. Video.

M62332FP : 8-bit 2ch I2C Bus D-a Converter With Buffer Amplifiers. The is an integrated circuit semiconductor of CMOS structure with 2 channels of built in D-A converters with output buffer operational amplifiers. The input is 2-wires serial method is used for the transfer format of digital data to allow connection with a microcomputer with minimum wiring. The output buffer operational amplifier employs AB class output.

MN35502 : CD. Package =. The is a CMOS digital-to-analog converter designed especially for PCM digital audio equipment. It a built-in digital filter with 16/20-bit input. It uses pulse edge modulation (PEM) and JVC advanced noise shaping (VANS) to yield the high resolution and low distortion ratio equivalent to those of 20-bit systems covering the range between 0 and 20 kHz.

NJM2592 : 470MHz Input 455kHz FM if Demodulator. The is a low-voltage, low-current FM IFdemodulator IC with 455kHz(standard) IF frequency. It includes an oscillator, mixer, limiting amplifier, quadrature detector,active filter, and FSK comparator. The NJM2592 also has a RSSI circuit and RSSI comparator for carrier sense. Low Operating Voltage to 5.5V Low Operating Current V+ =2.0V Operating Frequency.

TC3402VQR : +1.8 Low Power, Quad Input, 16-bit Sigma-delta A/D Converter. 16-bit Resolution at Eight Conversions Per Second, Adjustable Down to 10-bit Resolution at 512 Conversions Per Second 5.5V Operation, Low Power Operating 250A; Sleep: 0.75A Four True Differential Inputs with Built-in Multiplexer microPortTM Serial Bus Requires only two Interface Lines Uses Internal or External Reference Automatically Enters Sleep.

TEA6843HL : New in Car Entertainment (NICE) Extended Car Radiothe TEA6843HL is a Single ic With Car Radio Tuner For AM, FM And Weather Band (WB) Intended For Microcontroller Tuning With The i C-bus. It Provides The Following Functions: AM Double Conversion Receiver For LW, MW And SW (31 m, 41 M And 49 M Bands) With IF1 = 10.7 MHZ And IF2 = 450 KHZ FM Single Conversion.

THAT2181 : Voltage Controlled Amplifier. Wide Dynamic Range: >120 dB Wide Gain Range: >130 dB Exponential (dB) Gain Control Low Distortion: ~0.0025% (typical 2181A) ~0.005% (typical 2181C) Wide Gain-Bandwidth: 20 MHz Dual Gain-Control Ports (pos/neg) Pin-Compatible with 2150-Series APPLICATIONS Faders Panners Compressors Expanders Equalizers Filters Oscillators Automation Systems THAT.

MAX9830 : Mono 2W Class D Amplifier The MAX9830 mono 2W Class D amplifier provides Class AB audio performance with Class D efficiency. Active emissions limiting edge rate and overshoot control circuitry greatly reduces EMI. A patented filterless spread-spectrum modulation scheme eliminates the need for output filtering found in traditional Class D devices. These.

D2-24044 : Digital Audio Amplifier Power Stage The D2-24044 device is a high performance, integrated Class-D amplifier power stage. The four power stage outputs are configurable as four separate Half-Bridge outputs, as two Full-Bridge outputs, or combinations of Half-Bridge and Full-Bridge. Individual power stage overload monitoring, on-chip temperature monitoring,.

DS90UH925Q : 5 - 85 MHz 24-bit Color FPD-Link III Serializer With HDCP The DS90UH925Q serializer, in conjunction with the DS90UH926Q deserializer, provides a solution for secure distribution of content-protected digital video within automotive entertainment systems. This chipset translates a parallel RGB Video Interface into a single pair high-speed serialized interface.

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