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CategoryMultimedia => Audio => Codecs
DescriptionAudio Codec
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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AK4528VF Audio Codec
AK4532 Internet/network/general Purpose Multimedia Audio Codec
AK4534 - 16-bit Codec, PLL Audio Routing For Pda Applications
AK4537 - 16-bit, 48KHz Codec With Spkr, HP, Mic Amps
AK4538 - Low-power Codec For Portables, Pda
AK4541 Multimedia Audio Codec
AK4544A Audio Codec With SRC
AK4545 Audio Codec With SRC With Dit
AK4550 Low Power & Small Package 16bit Codec
AK4550VT Low Power & Small Package 16 Bit Codec
AK4551 Low Power & Small Package 20bit Codec
AK4551VT - 20bit 3V
AK4554 Low-power Stereo 16-bit Codec
AK4562 Low Power 20bit Codec With Pga
AK4562VN - 20bit Apga Hp-volume 3V
AK4563AVF - 16bit 4AD/2DA Apga/alc 3V
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ADADC80-10 : 12-bit Successive Approximation Interated Circuit A/D Converter.

ADC1205CCJ : 12-bit Plus Sign MP Compatible A/D Converters. The ADC1205 and ADC1225 are CMOS 12-bit plus sign successive approximation A D converters The 24-pin ADC1205 outputs the 13-bit data result in two 8-bit bytes formatted high-byte first with sign extended The 28-pin ADC1225 outputs a 13-bit word in parallel for direct interface a 16-bit data bus Negative numbers are represented in 2's complement data.

HMP8190 : NTSC. Ntsc/pal Video Encoder. The HMP8190 and HMP8191 are NTSC and PAL encoders designed for use in systems requiring the generation of highquality NTSC and PAL video. YCbCr digital video data drive the P0-P15 inputs. The Y data is optionally lowpass filtered to 6MHz and drives the Y analog output. Cb and Cr are each lowpass filtered to 1.3MHz, quadrature modulated, and added together.

KA22261 : = S1A0241A01 Dual eq Amp With Alc ;; Function = - ;; = High Open Loop Gain(78dB),good Channel Separation(60dB) ;; Package = 16DIP ;; Production Status = Eol.

KA2506-01 : I2c Bus Controlled R/g/b Video Amplifier For Monitors. 28-DIP-600A The is a very high frequency video amplifier system with I2C Bus control used in Monitors with high resolution 1024. It contains 3 matched R/G/B video Amplifiers with OSD interface and provides flexible interfacing to I2C Bus controlled adjustment systems. R/G/B Video Amplifier OSD Interface I2C BUS Control Contrast/OSD Contrast Brightness.

LM4701 : Overture Audio Power Amplifiers. LM4701 - Overture 30 Watt Audio Power Amplifier With Mute And Standbymodes, Package: to 220, Pin Nb=9.

LTC1096AC : Micropower Sampling 8-bit Serial I/o A/D Converters. 80A Maximum Supply Current 1nA Typical Supply Current in Shutdown 8-Pin SO Plastic Package 5V Operation (LTC1096/LTC1098) 3V Operation (LTC1096L/LTC1098L)(2.65V Min) Sample-and-Hold 16s Conversion Time 33kHz Sample Rate 0.5LSB Total Unadjusted Error Over Temp Direct 3-Wire Interface to Most MPU Serial Ports and All MPU Parallel I/O Ports The LTC 1096/LTC1096L/LTC1098/LTC1098L.

M61512FP : 5.1ch Electronic Volume. APPLICATION FEATURE 6 Input Selector (6ch+MUTE) Input Gain Control (0/3/6/9dB) INPUT ATT (0/-5dB) 6ch Dependent Electronic Volume (6ch 0~-87dB,-) FL,FR,C,SL,SR,SWch 2 Lines REC Output (for one thing built in mute switch) Built in Bass Boost circuit (FL,FRch) 9V single power source Analog Supply Voltage Range AVcc=8.0V~10.0V Digital Supply Voltage Range.

NJM2192 : SRS Trubass Bass Enhancement Processor. sGENERAL The is a Bass Enhancement Processor, based on SRS TruBass technology. The NJM2192A eliminates the need for large speakers to create low frequency fundamental tones, and it enhances and complements subwoofer performance. The NJM2192A is suitable for audio applications which are speaker system for mini components, CD radio cassette, multimedia.

SII201C : Display Controllers. Intelligent Panel Controller Panellink(r). The SiI 201C Intelligent Panel Controller (IPC) uses PanelLink Digital technology to support displays ranging from VGA to XGA (25-68 MHz), which is ideal for LCD notebook and desktop monitor applications. With a flexible single or dual pixel out interface and selectable output drive, the SiI 201C IPC supports up to true color panels (24 bit/pixel, 16.7M.

SM5878AM : with Built-in Digital Filters. Resistant to System Clock Jitter. The , 2-channel D/A converter LSI for digital audio reproduction equipment. It also incorporates an 8-times oversampling digital filter and analog, post-converter lowpass filters. The SM5878AM/AV has digital deemphasis filter, attenuator, and soft mute circuits built-in. Doublespeed operation and low-voltage operation are also supported. SM5878AM/AV.

TAS5508 : 8 Channel Digital Audio PWM Processorthe TAS5508 is an Eight Channel Digital Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) That Provides Both Advanced Performance And a High Level of System Integration. The TAS5508 is Designed to Interface Seamlessly With MOSt Audio Digital Signal Processors. The TAS5508 Automatically Adjusts Control Configurations in Response to Clock.

WM8802 : WM8802 : Digital Audio Interface Transceiver.

TLV320AIC3106 : The TLV320AIC3106 is a low power stereo audio codec with stereo headphone amplifier, as well as multiple inputs and outputs programmable in single-ended or fully differential configurations. Extensive register- based power control is included, enabling stereo 48-kHz DAC playback as low as 15 mW from a 3.3-V analog supply, making it ideal for portable.

TDA9981A : HDMI Transmitter Up To 150 MHz Pixel Rate With 3 X 8-bit Video Inputs And 4 X I2S-bus With S/PDIF The TDA9981A is an HDMI transmitter (which also supports DVI) that enables a 3 x 8-bit RGB or YCBCR video stream (with a pixel rate up to 150 MHz for the TDA9981AHL/15 version), up to 4 I2S-bus audio streams (with an audio sampling rate up to 192 kHz) and the additional.

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