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CategoryMultimedia => Audio => Codecs
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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Cross ref.Similar parts: AD1835, AD1838, AD1839
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AK4532 Internet/network/general Purpose Multimedia Audio Codec
AK4534 - 16-bit Codec, PLL Audio Routing For Pda Applications
AK4537 - 16-bit, 48KHz Codec With Spkr, HP, Mic Amps
AK4538 - Low-power Codec For Portables, Pda
AK4541 Multimedia Audio Codec
AK4544A Audio Codec With SRC
AK4545 Audio Codec With SRC With Dit
AK4550 Low Power & Small Package 16bit Codec
AK4550VT Low Power & Small Package 16 Bit Codec
AK4551 Low Power & Small Package 20bit Codec
AK4551VT - 20bit 3V
AK4554 Low-power Stereo 16-bit Codec
AK4562 Low Power 20bit Codec With Pga
AK4562VN - 20bit Apga Hp-volume 3V
AK4563AVF - 16bit 4AD/2DA Apga/alc 3V
AK4564VQ - 16bit Mic/hp/spk Amp & D-alc/eq

AK4345 : 100db 96khz 24-bit Stereo 3.3V ¥Ä¥Ò DAC with DIT

AK4127 : Digital Sample rate Converter.

AK5367 : 96khz 24-bit ¥Ä¥Ò ADC with 0V Bias Selector

AKD4626A-B : Multi-channel Audio Codec.

AKD4671 : Stereo Codec with Built-in Microphone-amplifier

AK4122VQ : 24-bit 96khz SRC with DIR

AKD4682-A : 24bit Codec that has two Channels of ADC and four Channels of DAC

AK5572EN : PREMIUM ADC GEN3 32BIT 768KHZ 12 AKM introduces a next generation multichannel high-end premium analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with their VERITA AK557X series. The AK557X captures incredible detailed and the true sound expression with its high-resolution 32-bit processing by AKM’s proprietary VELVET SOUND architecture,

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2SJ105 : P-channel Junction Type ( For Audio Amplifier, Analog Switch, Constant Current And Impedance Converter Applications ).

AN3986FBP : Tape Player/VCR. Stereo Audio Signal Processor Ics For 8-mm Camcorder.

HS-9008RH : Radiation Hardened CMOS 8-Bit Flash Analog-to-digital Converter. Radiation Hardened CMOS 8-Bit Flash Analog-to-Digital Converter itle S08R bt adian rded it sh a-toginrter) utho ) eyrds terrpoion, inctor, dian rded, , d The Intersil is a CMOS 8-Bit Flash Converter designed for space applications where relatively low power, exceptional accuracy and very fast conversion speeds are a necessity. The HS-9008RH design differs.

LMX321 : Single/Dual/Quad, General-Purpose, Low-Voltage, Rail-to-rail Output op Amps.

MAS1016 : am Receiver ic. The MAS1016 AM-Receiver chip is a highly sensitive, simple to use AM receiver specially intended to receive time signals in the frequency range from 40 kHz to 100 kHz. There are only a few external components needed. The circuit has a preamplifier, wide range automatic gain control, demodulator and output comparator built in. The output signal can be processed.

MAS3504D : G.729 Annex a Voice Codec. Contents Page Section Title Introduction Application Overview Decoder Mode Encoder Mode Functional of the MAS 3504D DSP Core Firmware (Internal Program ROM) G.729 Encoder G.729 Decoder Program Download Feature Clock Management Power Supply Concept Internal Voltage Monitor DC/DC Converter Stand-by Functions Start-up Sequence Interfaces Parallel Input.

MM1326 : Q Xpander Processors. These ICs are analog stereo enhancement processors. They use patented Q Xpander technology to create a stereo image with depth in three dimensions from ordinary left and right input channels. There is no need for any special playback equipment; the enhanced audio effect can be experienced using standard stereo audio equipment. This IC, produced by Mitsumi,.

SAA7392 : SAA7392; Channel Encoder/decoder CDR60. Preliminary File under Integrated Circuits, IC01 2000 Mar 21 CONTENTS GENERAL QUICK REFERENCE DATA ORDERING INFORMATION BLOCK DIAGRAM PINNING INFORMATION Pinning Pin FUNCTIONAL Microprocessor interfaces Register map System clocks HF analog front-end Bit recovery Decoder function Subcode interface Digital output Serial output interface Motor control.

TC35274 : MPEG-4 CODEC. MPEG-4 Video Decoder Lsi. A single-chip MPEG-4 video decoder LSI performs of MPEG-4 video decoding with QCIF (176x144 pixels) at 30MHz clock frequency. A 4-Mbit embedded DRAM is integrated to reduce power consumption without performance degradation. An MPEG-4 video core consists a 16-bit RISC processor and dedicated hardware accelerators as to bring programmability, high performance,.

TDA7040 : Decoder stereo. TDA7040T; Low Voltage PLL Stereo Decoder;; Package: SOT96 (SO8).

TDA7299 : Sound 2W Mono Amplifier. CAN DELIVER 2W THD 10% 12V/8 INTERNAL FIXED GAIN 20dB NO BOUCHEROT CELL THERMAL PROTECTION AC SHORT CIRCUIT PROTECTION SVR CAPACITOR FOR BETTER RIPPLEREJECTION LOW TURN-ON/OFF POP STAND-BY MODE The device is a new technology Mono Audio Amplifier in SO package specially designed for 12V sound cards application. Thanks to the fully complementary output.

TDA8133 : TV & VCR. +5.1 V And +8 V Dual-voltage Regulator With Disable And Reset Functions.

TEA6886HL : TEA6886HL; Up-level Car Radio Analog Signal Processor (CASP). TEA6886HL Up-level Car radio Analog Signal Processor (CASP) Up-level Car radio Analog Signal Processor (CASP) CONTENTS General Stereo decoder and noise blanking Weak signal processing Audio pre-amplifier GENERAL ORDERING INFORMATION QUICK REFERENCE DATA BLOCK DIAGRAM PINNING FUNCTIONAL Stereo decoder FM noise blanker AM noise blanker Multipath/fading.

UE25-B59D : TV/VCR TUNERS. Compact(25cc)Tuners For TV, VCR. 1. A small shape of world wide standard type. 2. With PLL IC (I2C bus). 3. Power source voltage 4. IF output corresponds to an unbalanced output. 5. Used one IC (MUX+OSC+PLL). D : PLL Built-in Designing Serial Numbers TV. System EW : PAL Wide U. K. Size E : Electronic Tuner UV : UHF/VHF S Item Input Frequency Range Output Frequency Input Impedance Supply.

XRD98L55 : CCD Image Digitizers With Cds, Pga And 10-Bit A/D. 10-Bit Resolution ADC - 27MHz Maximum Sampling Rate Correlated Double Sampling (CDS) Programmable Gain from to 38dB (PGA) Digitally Controlled Analog Offset-Calibration CCD Black Level Offset Compensation at Frame Rate CDS Clocks Sample Rising Edge or Falling Edge Single or 3V Power Supply Low Power for Battery Applications: 250/300mW @ VDD 120/150mW.

TPA2050D4 : 1.4 W/CH Stereo Class-D Audio Subsystem With DirectPath™ Headphone Amplifier And 2:1 Input Mux The TPA2050D4 a stereo Class-D poweramplifier along with a stereo DirectPath headphone amplifier. The TPA2050D4 has two stereo single-ended (SE) inputs that can be configured as one stereo differential input. Both input channels have a 32-step volume control.

NJM2564 : 6ch Video Amplifier With SD/ HD LPF The NJM2564 is a dual supply voltage 6ch Video amplifier.The NJM2564 is able to DC coupling.It includes LPF, Y/C MIX circuit and SDC interface. LPF for the component signal can select SD/HD. The NJM2564 is suitable for BD Player, set top box and the high quality AV systems with the SD/HD output..

TLV320AIC3253IRGER : Ultra Low Power Stereo Audio Codec With Embedded MiniDSP The TLV320AIC3253 (sometimes referred to as the AIC3253) is a flexible, low-power, low-voltage stereo audio codec with digital microphone inputs and programmable outputs, PowerTune capabilities, fully-programmable miniDSP, fixed predefined and parameterizable signal processing blocks, integrated.

AT73C246 : Power Management Unit Atmel?s AT73C246 is the ideal power management unit and stereo audio interface for such systems. It integrates, in a single device, a high-quality audio codec and multiple power supplies that are precisely adapted to the requirements of an MCU-based multimedia system. In particular, the AT73C246 is designed to interface directly.

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