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DescriptionMultimedia Audio Codec
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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The a 18bit high performance codec compliant with Audio Codec '97 Rev 2.1 requirements. The AC Link serial interface allows the to be used with digital controllers as well as custom logic accelerators to meet PC98 and PC99 requirements for a PCI audio solution. The AK4541 provides two pairs of stereo outputs with independent volume controls along with a mono output, multiple stereo and mono inputs, are combined to create flexible mixing, gain and mute functions to provide a complete integrated audio solution for PCs. The AK4541 can function as a Primary AC'97 or Secondary codec depending on the codec ID configuration(Multiple codec extension), making the AK4541 suitable for the docking station application and multiple codec applications such as 4 speaker output or 6 speaker output. Sampling at 48kHz, the AK4541 provides excellent audio performance. It offers extreme low power consumption, and flexible power-down modes for use in Sub-NoteBook, laptops, desktop PCs, and aftermarket add-in boards. Like the earlier pin-compatible AK4540, AK4542 and AK4543, the AK4541 is available in a compact 48-lead LQFP package. The is a pin compatible upgrade for the AK4540, AK4542 and AK4543, some software changes will be required to experience the extra functions ot the AK4541.

AC'97 Rev. 2.1 Compliant 18bit Resolution A/D and D/A Exceeds a PC98/99 Performance Categories: A/D.................. 87dBA SNR D/A.................. 87dBA SNR D/A+Mixer......... 85dBA SNR A-A.................. 92dBA SNR Analog Inputs: 4 Stereo Inputs: LINE, CD, VIDEO, AUX Speakerphone and PC BEEP Inputs 2 Independent MIC Inputs Direct PC_Beep Pass Through for lower system costs Analog Output: Stereo LINE Output with volume control True Line Level with volume control Mono Output with volume control Multiple codec Capability The AK4541 can work as a Primary or Secondary. EAPD(External Amplifier Powerdown) Support Power Supplies: Analog 3.3V, Digital 3.3V Lower Power Consumption: 135mW at full operation 48 Pin LQFP Package

* AKM assumes no responsibility for the usage beyond the conditions in this data sheet.
LINE_OUT_R 36 LINE_OUT_L 3Dcap 32 VRADDA 31 AFILTR 30 AFILTL NC 28 Vref AVdd1 25

Pin/Function No. Signal Name DVdd1 XTL_IN (MCLKI) XTL_OUT(open) DVss1 SDATA_OUT BIT_CLK DVss2 SDATA_IN DVdd2 SYNC RESET# PC_BEEP PHONE AUX_L AUX_R VIDEO_L VIDEO_R CD_L CD_GND CD_R MIC1 MIC2 LINE_IN_L LINE_IN_R AVdd1 AVss1 Vref NC AFILTL AFILTR VRADDA 3Dcap NC LINE_OUT_L LINE_OUT_R MONO_OUT AVdd2 LNLVL_OUT_L NC LNLVL_OUT_R TEST2 TEST3 Codec ID0# Codec ID1# EAPD I/O O I I/O Description Digital power supply; + 4.7uF capacitors should be connected to digital ground. 24.576MHz(512fs) crystal is normally connected. If a crystal is not connected, an external clock can be used. 24.576MHz(512fs) crystal. If an external clock is used, this pin should be open. Digital Ground; 0V This pin should be directly connected DVss2 on board. Serial 256-bit AC97 data stream from digital controller 12.288MHz(256fs) serial data clock Output when Primary codec(codec ID=00). Input when Secondary codec(codec 10, 11). Digital Ground; 0V This pin should be directly connected DVss1 on board. Serial 256-bit AC97 data stream to digital controller Digital power supply; + 4.7uF capacitors should be connected to digital ground. AC97 Sync Clock, 48kHz(1fs) fixed rate sampling rate AC97 Master Hardware Reset PC Speaker beep pass through From telephony subsystem speakerphone Aux Left Channel Aux Right Channel Video Audio Left Channel Video Audio Right Channel CD Audio Left Channel CD Audio analog ground; 0V CD_GND or analog ground should be connected. CD Audio Right Channel Desktop Microphone Input Second Microphone Input Line In Left Channel Line In Right Channel Analog power supply; + 4.7uF capacitors should be connected to AVss1(analog ground). Analog Ground; 0V Reference Voltage Output; 0.1F +4.7F capacitors should be connected to Avss1(analog ground). No Connection Anti-Aliasing Filter Cap; Connected to analog ground with 1nF capacitor. Anti-Aliasing Filter Cap; Connected to analog ground with 1nF capacitor. Vref for ADC and DAC; 0.1F capacitor should be connected to analog ground. 3D Enhancement Cap; 27nF capacitor should be connected to analog ground. No Connection No Connection Line Out Left Channel Line Out Right Channel To telephony subsystem speakerphone Analog power supply; 3.3V(AVdd1=AVdd2) 0.1uF capacitor should be connected to AVss2(analog ground). True Line Level Out Left Channel No Connection True Line Level Out Right Channel Analog Ground; 0V Test pin (This pin should be open for normal operation) Test pin (This pin should be open for normal operation) Codec ID configuration(ID select input for multiple codec extension) See Page20. Codec ID configuration(ID select input for multiple codec extension) See Page20. External amplifier powerdown See Page 20. -31999/01


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