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CategoryMultimedia => Audio => Codecs
DescriptionLow Power & Small Package 16bit Codec
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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Some Part number from the same manufacture AKM Semiconductor, Inc.
AK4550VT Low Power & Small Package 16 Bit Codec
AK4551 Low Power & Small Package 20bit Codec
AK4551VT - 20bit 3V
AK4554 Low-power Stereo 16-bit Codec
AK4562 Low Power 20bit Codec With Pga
AK4562VN - 20bit Apga Hp-volume 3V
AK4563AVF - 16bit 4AD/2DA Apga/alc 3V
AK4564VQ - 16bit Mic/hp/spk Amp & D-alc/eq
AK4565 - Low-cost Version of AK4562
AK4571 - Usb I/f + 1AD + 2DA
AK4584 - 24-bit 192kHz DAC, 96KkHz ADC, 192kHZ S/pdif Xcvr.
AK4586 - AK4527 + Dir
AK4588 High Performance 2/8-channel 24-bit Codec With Dir/dit For Digital A/v Equipment
AK4588 High Performance 2/8-channel 24-bit Audio Codec With Dir/dit For Digital A/v Equipment
AK4626 2-channel 96KHz ADC+6-channel 192KHz DAC
AK4626 Audio Codecs Provide Multi-channel Support
AK4628 2-channel 96KHz ADC+8-channel 192KHz DAC
AK4628 Audio Codecs Provide Multi-channel Support
AK4640 16-bit Codec w/ Mono ADC, Stereo DAC, Headphone Amp, Pll, Line Output
AK4640 Akm Launch AK4640 Super Size-efficient One Chip Low-power Audio Codec

AK4545 : Audio Codec With SRC With Dit

AKD4520A : Evaluation Board Rev.b For Ak4520a

AK4421ET : 192khz 24-bit Stereo ĥ DAC with 2vrms Output

AK6481CH : 8kbit Serial CMOS Eeprom

AKD4671 : Stereo Codec with Built-in Microphone-amplifier

AK8813 : Ntsc/pal Digital Video Encoder

AKD4184-A : Analog I/F IC Which Includes 4-wire Resistive Touch Screen Controller

AKD4121 : Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter

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AD1316 : Complete, High Speed 16-bit A/D Converter.

AD9060SE : 10-bit 75 MSPS A/D Converter. Monolithic 10-Bit/75 MSPS Converter ECL Outputs Bipolar (1.75 V) Analog Input 57 dB SNR @ 2.3 MHz Input Low (45 pF) Input Capacitance MIL-STD-883 Compliant Versions Available APPLICATIONS Digital Oscilloscopes Medical Imaging Professional Video Radar Warning/Guidance Systems Infrared Systems The AD9060 A/D converter a 10-bit monolithic converter capable.

AD9925 : CCD Signal Processor With Veritical Driver And Precision Timing™ Generatorthe AD9925 is a Complete 36 MHZ Front End Solution For Digitalstill Camera And Other CCD Imaging Applications. Based on TheAD9995 Product, The AD9925 Includes The Analog Front Endand a Fully Programmable Timing Generator, Combined With A10-channel Vertical Driver (V-driver).

BA7602 : . The BA7602 and BA7602F are switching ICs developed for use in VCRs. Each contains three two-channel analog multiplexers. They feature a large dynamic range, and wide operating frequency range, and are suitable for switching audio and video signals. 1) Three / 1-output switches. 2) 5V power supply. 3) Low power consumption (70mW Typ.). 4) Excellent frequency.

BH7800K : . Single chip Hi-Fi audio signal processor The BH7800K incorporates the functions for a VHS audio signal processing system on a single chip. The circuits on the chip are a peak-noise reduction processor (PNR), an FM modulator / demodulator circuit, / O switcher, an automatic FM detector circuit, an FM bandpass filter, and a regulator circuit. Applications.

CXA1875AM : TV Sound Processor. 8-bit D/A Converter Compatible With i 2C Bus. The CXA1875AP/AM is developed 5 ch D/A converter compatible with I2C bus. Serial control through I2C bus 5 channels of 8-bit D/A converter 4 built-in general purpose I/O ports (Digital I/O) I/O can be specified to respective ports independently Selection of 8 slave addresses possible through address select pins (3 pins) Applications I2C bus can control.

LMC1983 : Switch/Controls. Digitally-controlled Stereo Tone And Volume Circuit With Three Selectable Stereo Inputs.

LTC1279C : 12-bit, 600ksps Sampling A/D Converter With Shutdown. Single Supply 5V Operation Sample Rate: 600ksps 70dB S/(N + D) and 74dB THD at Nyquist Power Dissipation: 60mW Typ Power Shutdown with Instant Wake-Up Internal Reference Can Be Overdriven Externally Internal Synchronized Clock; No Clock Required High Impedance Analog Input Range: 2.5V New Flexible, Friendly Parallel Interface Eases Connections to DSPs.

M52393 : Sync/Deflection. Edtv2 Identification Signal Detector. The M52393 are integrated-circuits of a semiconductor, developed especially for EDTV2 identification signal detection. In contrast to such ICs, few products on the IC market had the simple function of detecting identification signals. For that purpose, many manufacturers had to combine discrete components (nonICs) with gate arrays. There was a great.

MSP44xyK : Front-end/Back-end. Multistandard Sound processors With Prologic ii – 48 kHz.

NJM2191 : Sound Enhancement Audio Processor. SRS 3D Stereo & SRS Headphone Audio Processor.

PT2323 : PT2323 is a 6-Channel Audio Selector Utilizing CMOS Technology Specially Designed For Home Theater System..

S1D2507B01 : Display & Video. = S1D2507B01 Wide Band Analog Switch For Monitors ;; Function = Video Input S/w For Monitor ;; = Two Input Channel Switch,sync Seperator on Sog ;; Package = 24SDIP ;; Production Status = Mass Production.

XRD9812 : Image Processor/Correction. 3-Channel 10/12-Bit Linear CCD & Cis Sensor Signal Processors.

2SA2151 : Audio Amplification Transistor By adapting the Sanken unique wafer-thinner technique, these PNP power transistors achieve power-up by decreasing thermal resistance, and provide higher voltage avalanche breakdown rating. The high power-handling capacity of the TO-3P package allows a smaller footprint on the circuit board design. This series of transistors.

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