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CategoryMultimedia => Audio => Codecs
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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AK4554 Low-power Stereo 16-bit Codec
AK4562 Low Power 20bit Codec With Pga
AK4562VN - 20bit Apga Hp-volume 3V
AK4563AVF - 16bit 4AD/2DA Apga/alc 3V
AK4564VQ - 16bit Mic/hp/spk Amp & D-alc/eq
AK4565 - Low-cost Version of AK4562
AK4571 - Usb I/f + 1AD + 2DA
AK4584 - 24-bit 192kHz DAC, 96KkHz ADC, 192kHZ S/pdif Xcvr.
AK4586 - AK4527 + Dir
AK4588 High Performance 2/8-channel 24-bit Codec With Dir/dit For Digital A/v Equipment
AK4588 High Performance 2/8-channel 24-bit Audio Codec With Dir/dit For Digital A/v Equipment
AK4626 2-channel 96KHz ADC+6-channel 192KHz DAC
AK4626 Audio Codecs Provide Multi-channel Support
AK4628 2-channel 96KHz ADC+8-channel 192KHz DAC
AK4628 Audio Codecs Provide Multi-channel Support
AK4640 16-bit Codec w/ Mono ADC, Stereo DAC, Headphone Amp, Pll, Line Output
AK4640 Akm Launch AK4640 Super Size-efficient One Chip Low-power Audio Codec
AK4650 16-bit Stereo Codec With Microphone Amp, Headphone Amp, Speaker Amp, And Touch-screen Controller
AK4650 Super Small Size Single-chip Audio Codec With Built-in Touch Screen Controller <<<>>>Built-in Mic-alc Circuit; <<<>>> Phone Interface With Differential Input/output <<<>>> Power Management Function For Control
AK4702 - Scart A/v Switch With Integrated 2VRMS DAC

AK4121 : - 20-bit Asynchronous Sample-rate Converter 96KHz

AK6012AF : - 64Kbit

AK7712A-VT :

AK4373 : Low Power Stereo DAC with Hp/spk-amp

AK4566 : 20bit Stereo Codec with Built-in IPGA & Hp-amp

AK4125_07 : 192khz / 24bit High Performance Asynchronous SRC

AKD4358-B : Digital Audio Interface that can Interface with Digital Audio Systems via Opt-connector or RCA Connector

AME8863AEEY180Z : 600ma CMOS LDO

AK4642EN : Stereo Codec with Mic/hp/spk-amp

AK5358AET : 96khz 24-bit ĥ ADC

AK93C55CU : 1k/2k/4kbit Serial CMOS Eeprom

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AD9708ARU : 8-bit, 100 MSPS Txdac D/A Converter. Member of Pin-Compatible TxDAC Product Family 125 MSPS Update Rate 8-Bit Resolution Linearity: 1/4 LSB DNL Linearity: 1/4 LSB INL Differential Current Outputs SINAD @ 5 MHz Output: 50 dB Power Dissipation: 3 V Power-Down Mode: 5 V On-Chip 1.20 V Reference Single +3 V Supply Operation Packages: 28-Lead SOIC and 28-Lead TSSOP Edge-Triggered Latches Fast.

CMM1430-KU : 1 Watt Power Amplifier. ku Band Products, 13.75-14.5 GHZ. 32 dBm (Typ.) Saturated Output Power 34.5 dB (Typ.) Linear Gain Fully Matched Unconditionally Stable Copper/Molybdenum Flange Package for Optimum Thermal dissipation Applications Ku-Band VSAT Transmit Subsystems The is a four-stage pHEMT GaAs MMIC power amplifier that is ideally suited for transmit subsystems designed for Ku-Band VSAT applications.

GS3034 : Noise Reduction. Linear Class H Cic Size Hybrid, 4.57mm X 1.91mm X 1.40mm.

GS9064 : Video Transport. Adapative Cable Equalizer For Sd-sdi & DVB-ASI. 3.3V Supply..

LM389 : Single Channel. Low-voltage Audio Power Amplifier With NPN Transistor Array (discontinued).

M62446FP : Switch/Controls. 6ch Electric Volume With Tone Control. The is 6 channels electric volume controlled 3-wire serial data. The IC is suitable for use in home-use audio systems and TV sets. Electric volumeVolume level (1dB / step) Tone controlBass / Treble 10dB(2dB / step) 4 Output ports Built-in microcomputer interface circuit controlled by 16-bit serial data. APPLICATION Supply voltage range ~ 7.3V (analog).

OR43300 : The OR43300 is a Video-rate Adaptive Equalizer ic That Reduces The Effect of Multi-path Signal Echoes (ghosts)..

STMP3410 : Audio Decoder With Usb Interface And Voice Record.

STV0674 : Co-Processor. Tri-mode CMOS Digital Camera Co-processor. The is a flexible, scalable digital camera co-processor for use with the range of CMOS imaging sensor products from STMicroelectronics. The same chipset can be used for a wide range of digital imaging products with unique and price/performance points. The STV0674 is designed for use with CIF (352x288) or VGA (640x480) ST CMOS image sensors and provides.

TDA8512 : TDA8512J; 26 W BTL 2 X 13 W se or 4 X 13 W se Power Amplifier;; Package: SOT243-1 (DBS17P).

TDA9115 : CRT & LCD Monitors. Low-cost I2C Controlled Deflection Processor For Low-end CRT Monitors.

TDC1038B6C : 8-bit 20 MSPS Flash A/D Converter.

TEA5710 : TEA5710;TEA5710T; AM/FM Radio Receiver Circuit;; Package: SOT234-1 (SDIP24).

THS8200PFP : ti THS8200, Triple 10-Bit All Format Video DAC. AllFormat Oversampled Component Video/PC Graphics D/A System With Three 11Bit DACs, CGMS Data Insertion IMPORTANT NOTICE Texas Instruments Incorporated and its subsidiaries (TI) reserve the right to make corrections, modifications, enhancements, improvements, and other changes to its products and services at any time and to discontinue any product or service.

TLV320AC36CDW : Voice-Band Codecs. ti TLV320AC36, Voice-band Audio Processor. Single 3-V Operation Low Power Consumption: Operating Mode. 20 mW Typ Standby Mode. 5 mW Typ Power-Down Mode. 2 mW Typ Combined A/D, D/A, and Filters Extended Variable-Frequency Operation Sample Rates to 16 kHz Pass-Band to 7.2 kHz Electret Microphone Bias Reference Voltage Available Drive a Piezo Speaker Directly Compatible With All Digital.

NJU26902 : Digital Audio Delay The NJU26902 is a digital audio delay. The NJU26902 provides delay-time adjustment function and digital audio interface. ! 2-Channel Audio Delay (24 bits data width). Delay Time 85msec at fs = 48kHz ( 128msec at fs = 32kHz , 43msec at fs = 96kHz) To make long delay time, the NJU26902 can be connected serially. Non-audio-signal.

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