Details, datasheet, quote on part number: AK5350-VF
DescriptionEnchanced Dual Bit 20 Bit ADC
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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Some Part number from the same manufacture AKM Semiconductor, Inc.
AK5354 Low Power 20bit ADC With Pga
AK5355 - 16-bit ad +15dB Pre-amp, Low-cost, Low Power
AK5355VN 16-bit ADC +15dB Pre-amp, Low Power, QFN Package
AK5355VT - 16-bit ad +15dB Pre-amp, Low-cost, Low Power
AK5356 Low-power ADC For Portable Applications
AK5356 Low Power Audio A/D Converter Integrates Mic Preamplifier And Analog Volume
AK5357 24-bit Low Cost, Low Power ADC For Consumer Applications
AK5357 2-channel 24-bit A/D Converter For Consumer av Equipment
AK5365 - Hi-res A/D Converter With Integrated Mux, Alc
AK5370 Usb I/f A/D Converter
AK5370VF - Usb I/f Mono ADC For Mic
AK5371 - Usb I/f Stereo ADC For Mic
AK5381 - Low-cost 96KHz ADC 106dB W/defeatable HPF
AK5384 - 4-channel ADC 106dB Snr, Differential Inputs
AK5385A 114dB 192kHz 24-Bit Enhanced Dual Bit ADC
AK5385A 216KHz Audio A/D Converter Targets Professional, Consumer Audio Applications

AK2571 : Feed-forward Automatic Power Control For Laser Modules

AK4394VF :

AK6480BH/L :

AK8818VG : Ntsc/pal Digital Video Encoder

AK4536VN : 16-bit Mono Codec with ALC & Mic/spk-amp

AKD4554-E : Evaluation Board Rev.0 for Ak4554

AME7720BEEV500Z : Step-up/step-down 60mA Regulated Charge Pump

AKD5366VR : Digital Audio 24bit 48khz A/D Converter,

AK4250VU : Output Coupling Capacitor-less Video Amp with LPF

AK93C55C : 1k/2k/4kbit Serial CMOS Eeprom

AKD4673-A : Stereo Codec with Built-in Mic/hp Amplifier and TSC

0-C     D-L     M-R     S-Z