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Description- Usb I/f Stereo ADC For Mic
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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n USB-IF Certified n Incorporates USB Audio Controller USB Serial Interface Engine Audio Class Encoder/Decoder 2 Endpoints (FIFO) USB transceiver n 16 bit A/D Converter 2 channels Mute/Volume Control A/D S/N: 84dBA (44.1kHz, Gain 0dB) n Low Power Dissipation Normal Operation: 26mA Suspend Mode: 1uA n Programmable Gain Amplifier (IPGA) 31dB @1dB Step n 20dB Pre-amplifier n On-chip PLL 5 Sampling Frequencies support 48kHz n EEPROM I/F can customize Device Descriptor, and String Descriptor n Single Power Supply, Low Power +3.30.3 Volts n Package 48pin LQFP

General Description The AK5371 is stereo A/D converter with USB I/F. The AK5371 integrates USB serial interface engine, USB transceiver, audio class processing unit, endpoints, and high quality 2 channel AD converter into the chip. As the AK5371 incorporates PLL, it can support several sampling frequencies, 22.05kHz, 44.1kHz, and 48kHz with only one crystal. Moreover, the AK5371 integrates volume control, and mute function. Not only power consumption at normal operation is very low, but also the current at suspend mode is less than 1A. The AK5371 includes 20dB fixed gain pre-amplifier. In addition to this, as the AK5371 also incorporates IPGA which can amplify the microphone signal to +24dB, total gain is 44dB maximum. The AK5371 has EEPROM I/F for customizing Device Descriptor and String Descriptor. By connecting 1K bit, 2K bit, or 4Kbit MicrowireTM type EEPROM, the AK5371 can customize Vendor ID, Product ID in Device Descriptor, and String Descriptor. This device is good for not only business application such as conferencing but also games, voice recognition, and Karaoke. Related Documents For the detail of USB specification, and Audio Class, please refer to the following documents. Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 1.1 Universal Serial Bus Device Class Definition for Audio Devices, Revision 1.0

Common Voltage Mute & Volume control Audio Class Decoder Audio Class Encoder

Pin/Function No. Signal Name VD DGND BGND NC TESTMODE3 XTALOUT XTALIN LFLT1 LFLT2 BIASSEL I/O Ana / Dig Description Digital Power Supply, 3.3V Digital Ground,0V Bulk Ground, 0V No Connection Please tie down to AGND for normal operation. Crystal Oscillator Output, Connect Crystal Resonator Crystal Oscillator Input, Connect Crystal Resonator Please tie down to AGND for normal operation. adPLL loop filter Pin. Connect 51k resistor and 8200pF capacitor in series externally. System clock PLL loop filter Pin. Connect 18k resistor and 6800pF capacitor in series externally. MIC BIAS Select Pin Select MICBIAS Output "L": VA(through switch) "H": VREF buffer output No Connection No Connection Analog Common Voltage Reference Pin Voltage Reference Output for the Microphone's bias voltage When this chip goes into Suspend mode, this pin goes to Hi-Z. Left Channel Microphone Input Left Channel 1st Amplifier Output Pin Left Channel 2nd Amplifier Input Pin Left Channel 2nd Amplifier Output Pin No Connection Right Channel Microphone Input Right Channel 1st Amplifier Output Pin Right Channel 2nd Amplifier Input Pin Right Channel 2nd Amplifier Output Pin


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