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CategoryAnalog & Mixed-Signal Processing
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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General Description The 24bit, 128x oversampling 2ch A/D Converterfor professional digital audio systems. The modulator in the AK5392 uses the new developed Enhanced Dual Bit architecture. This new architecture achieves the wider dynamic range, while keeping much the same superior distortion characteristics as conventional Single Bit way. The AK5392 performs 116dB dynamic range, so the device is suitable for professional studio equipments such as digital mixer, digital VTR etc. Features

Enhanced Dual Bit ADC Sampling Rate: 1kHz 54kHz Full Differential Inputs S/(N+D): 105dB DR: 116dB S/N: 116dB High Performance Linear Phase Digital Anti-Alias filter Passband: 0 21.768kHz(@fs=48kHz) Ripple: 0.001dB Stopband: 110dB Digital HPF & Offset Calibration for Offset Cancel Master Clock: 256/384fs Power Supply: 3 5.25V(Digital) Power Dissipation: 470mW Package: 28pin SOP

1. Changed Specs Parameter HPF Output Resolution DR Input Offset 20/24bit 113dB Required AK5392 Yes 24bit 116dB Not required

2. Pin Compatibility The following pin functions are changed from AK5391. AK5392 supports 24bit only. Pin No. VREFLSEL24 VREFRAK5392 GNDL HPFE GNDR

PIN/FUNCTION No. 1 Pin Name VREFL I/O O Function Lch Reference Voltage Pin, 3.75V Normally connected to GNDL with a 10uF electrolytic capacitor and a 0.1uF ceramic capacitor Lch Reference Ground Pin, 0V Lch Common Voltage Pin, 2.5V Lch Analog positive input Pin Lch Analog negative input Pin Zero Calibration Control Pin This pin controls the calibration reference signal. "L":VCOML and VCOMR "H":Analog Input Pins(AINL,AINR) Digital Power Supply Pin, 3.3V Digital Ground Pin, 0V Calibration Active Signal Pin "H" means the offset calibration cycle is in progress. Offset calibration starts when RST goes "H". CAL goes "L" after 8704 LRCK cycles. Reset Pin When "L", Digital section is powered-down. Upon returning "H", an offset calibration cycle is started. An offset calibration cycle should always be initiated after power-up. Serial Interface Mode Select Pin MSB first, 2's compliment. SMODE2 SMODE1 MODE LRCK L Slave mode : MSB justified : H/L L H Master mode : Similar I2S : H/L H L Slave mode I2S : L/H H Master mode I2S : L/H Left/Right Channel Select Clock Pin LRCK goes "H" at SMODE2="L" and "L" at SMODE2="H" during reset when SMODE1 "H".


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