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Description4Kbit EePROM With 4ch 8bit D/A Converter
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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GENERAL DESCRIPTION The AK9844 includes 4 channel, 8-bit D/A converters with on-chip output buffer amps and it is capable to store the input digital data of each D/A converter by on-chip non-volatile CMOS EEPROM. The AK9844 is optimally designed for various circuit adjustments for consumer and industrial equipments and it is ideally suited for replacing mechanical trimmers. FEATURES

EEPROM SECTION 4 word 8-bit organization (Dedicated for DAC data) 256 word 16-bit organization (General purpose memory) Serial data interface Sequential register read Automatic write cycle 100K write cycles 10 year data retention D/A SECTION 4 channels Resolution Differential Non-Linearity Linearity Error Output Voltage Range AUTO READ Function Power down mode

Pin Description No. 1 2 Pin Name GND PROTECT I/O I Function Ground Pin, 0V Protect Pin "L" : Programming to the D/A Section of EEPROM is disabled. "H" : Normal operation Power-down Pin "L" : Power down mode "H" : Normal mode Power Supply Voltage Reference Input1 The analog output ranges of the AO0 and the AO1 are set by the VREF1 pin. Analog Output Pins (8-bit D/A outputs)

Voltage Reference Input2 The analog output ranges of the AO2 and the AO3 are set by the VREF2 pin. Chip Select Pin (Schmitt-trigger input) Serial Clock Pin (Schmitt-trigger input) Serial Data Input Pin Serial Data Output Pin

Functional Description The AK9844 includes the EEPROM section and the D/A converter section which consists of 4 channel, 8bit D/A converters with output buffer amps. The EEPROM section is divided into memory block and DAC register block. The capacity of the memory block is 4096bits which are organized into 256 registers of 16bits each. The DAC digital input data for D/A converters are stored in the DAC register block which is organized into 4 registers of 8bits each. The address for the memory block to "011111111". The address for the DAC register to "100000011". The configuration of the EEPROM section is showed on figure.1. The AK9844 can connect to the serial communication port of popular one chip microcontrollers directly (3 line negative clock synchronous interface). At write operation, the AK9844 takes in the write data from the DI pin to a register synchronously with rising edge of the SK pin. At read operation, the AK9844 takes out the read data from a register to the DO pin synchronously with falling edge of the SK pin. The AK9844 has 6 instructions such as READ, WRITE, WREN, WRDS, PDEN and PDDS. The each instruction is organized by op-code block(8bits), address block(8bits), and data(8bits2).The output of DAC is set by storing the DAC digital input data in the DAC register block. The DO pin is high impedance except that the DO pin outputs the read data and the status signal.


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