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CategoryMultimedia => Audio => Codecs
DescriptionInternet/network/general Purpose Multimedia Audio Codec
CompanyAKM Semiconductor, Inc.
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Features, Applications

The is a low-cost high-quality 16-Bit CODEC designed specifically for Internet Boxes, Network PCs, and to interface with audio/video controller ICs for standard PC applications. AKM's AK4532 serial interface mode simplifies the design process on existing and new audio projects. The converters can have a range to 50 kHz. For voice mail applications, an internal 26 dB microphone preamp has been added and because of the internal input mixer, music or other sounds can easily be mixed with voice.


2ch Audio CODEC 2ch stereo including 1ch mono recording mixer with L/R, R/L, L/L and R/R switching 2ch stereo playback mixer Mic input with 26 dB optional gain High Jitter Tolerance Interface compatible with AKM's AK4531 Sampling Rate: 4 kHz to 50 kHz 3-wire Serial Interface for Mixer Control 5 V operation, can connect 3.3 V Digital Controller. Low power consumption 150 mW Power down mode Small low profile package - 24 pin VSOP.

[AK4532] I/O Function Analog Ground Analog Power - 5V Mic or Right Aux Line Level Input Left Aux Line Level Input Right Line Level Input Left Line Level Input Power down and Reset Master Clock for CODEC Left Right Clock for CODEC Serial Clock for CODEC Serial Data In Serial Data Out Digital Ground Digital Power - 5V Chip Select Control Port Clock Control Port Data MCLK select (L:256fs, H:384fs) Left Analog Out Right Analog Out A/D Reference Connect to AGND with 0.1uF and 4.7uF capacitors L channel Antialias Filter Pin Connect to AGND with 1.0nF capacitor R channel Antialias Filter Pin Connect to AGND with 1.0nF capacitor Voltage Common Output Pin Connect to AGND with 0.1uF and 4.7uF capacitors.


Note: 1. No load current may be taken from the VCOM, VRAD pins for the external circuits. 2. All digital input pins should not be left floating.


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