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DescriptionSensitive Hall-effect Switches For High-temperature Operation
CompanyAllegro Micro Systems, Inc.
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Features, Applications

These Hall-effect switches are monolithic integrated circuits with tighter magnetic specifications, designed to operate continuously over extended temperatures to +150C, and are more stable with both temperature and supply voltage changes. The unipolar switching characteristic makes these devices ideal for use with a simple bar or rod magnet. The four basic devices 3142, 3143, and 3144) are identical except for magnetic switch points. Each device includes a voltage regulator for operation with supply voltages to 24 volts, reverse battery protection diode, quadratic Hall-voltage generator, temperature compensation circuitry, smallsignal amplifier, Schmitt trigger, and an open-collector output to sink to 25 mA. With suitable output pull up, they can be used with bipolar or CMOS logic circuits. The A3141 and A3142 are improved replacements for the UGN/UGS3140; the A3144 is the improved replacement for the UGN/UGS3120. The first character of the part number suffix determines the device operating temperature range. Suffix `E' is for the automotive and industrial temperature range to +85C. Suffix `L' is for the automotive and military temperature range to +150C. Three package styles provide a magnetically optimized package for most applications. Suffix `LT' is a miniature SOT89/TO-243AA transistor package for surface-mount applications; suffix `UA' is a three-lead ultra-mini-SIP.

Pinning is shown viewed from branded side.

Supply Voltage, VCC............................ 28 V Reverse Battery Voltage, VRCC........... -35 V Magnetic Flux Density, B.......... Unlimited Output OFF Voltage, VOUT.................. 28 V Reverse Output Voltage, VOUT........... -0.5 V Continuous Output Current, IOUT...... 25 mA Operating Temperature Range, TA Suffix `E'.................. to +85C Suffix `L'................ to +150C Storage Temperature Range, TS.............................. to +170C

Superior Temp. Stability for Automotive or Industrial Applications 24 V Operation... Needs Only An Unregulated Supply Open-Collector 25 mA Output... Compatible with Digital Logic Reverse Battery Protection Activate with Small, Commercially Available Permanent Magnets Solid-State Reliability Small Size Resistant to Physical Stress

Always order by complete part number, e.g., A3141ELT.
ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS at VCC 8 V over operating temperature range.

Limits Characteristic Supply Voltage Output Saturation Voltage Output Leakage Current Supply Current Output Rise Time Output Fall Time Symbol VCC VOUT(SAT) IOFF ICC tr tf Test Conditions Operating IOUT = 20 mA, B > BOP VOUT B < BRP B < BRP (Output OFF) 20 pF Min. 4.5 Typ. Max. Units mA s

MAGNETIC CHARACTERISTICS in gauss over operating supply voltage range.

NOTES: Typical values are = +25C and VCC 8 V. BOP = operate point (output turns ON); BRP = release point (output turns OFF); Bhys = hysteresis (BOP - BRP). 1 gauss (G) is exactly equal to 0.1 millitesla (mT). *Complete part number includes a suffix to identify operating temperature range (E- or L-) and package type ( -LT or -UA).

115 Northeast Cutoff, Box 15036 Worcester, Massachusetts (508) 853-5000 Copyright 1993, 2002 Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.

* Complete part number includes a suffix denoting operating temperature range (E- or L-) and package type ( -LT, -U, or -UA).


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