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Designed specifically to meet the requirement for extended operation of battery-powered equipment such as cordless and cellular telephones, the A8226SLM thru A8233SLM voltage regulators offer the reduced dropout voltage and quiescent current essential for maximum battery life. Applicable also to palmtop computers and personal data assistants, these devices deliver a regulated output 100 mA (transient), which is limited only by package power dissipation. Regulated output voltages of and 3.3 are currently provided. Other voltages, down to 2.0 volts, are available on special order. A PMOS pass element provides a typical dropout voltage of only mA of load current. The low dropout voltage permits deeper battery discharge before output regulation is lost. Quiescent current does not increase significantly as the dropout voltage is approached, an ideal feature in standby/resume power systems where data integrity is crucial. Regulator accuracy and excellent temperature characteristics are provided by a bandgap reference. The A8226SLM thru A8233SLM include ENABLE inputs to give the designer complete control over power up, standby, or power down. These devices are supplied in a thermally enhanced 5-lead smalloutline plastic package similar to the SOT-23, and fitting the SC-74A footprint. All devices are rated for operation over a temperature range to +85C.

Input Voltage, VI. 7 V Peak Output Current, IOM. 100 mA* Enable Input Voltage, VE. VI Operating Temperature Range, TA. to +85C Junction Temperature, TJ. +150C Storage Temperature Range, TS. to +150C

* Output current rating is limited by input voltage, duty cycle, and ambient temperature. Under any set of conditions, do not exceed a junction temperature of +150C. See following pages.

I High Efficiency Provides Extended Battery Life 125 mV Typical Dropout Voltage 32 A Typical Quiescent Current Less Than 1 A "Sleep" Current I Low Output Noise 100 mA Peak Output Current I Improved PSRR and Transient Performance

Cordless and Cellular Telephones Personal Data Assistants Personal Communicators Palmtop Computers

Always order by complete part number, e.g., A82xxSLM , where "xx" is the required output voltage in tenths.

A82xxSLM Maximum Allowable Average Output Current* with device mounted x 56.9 mm) solder-coated copper-clad board in still air.

* Absolute maximum peak output current rating is 100 mA; absolute maximum input voltage IO = (TJ TA)/([VI VO] RJA x dc) (150 TA)/([VI VO] x 1.00) Output current rating can be increased (to 100 mA maximum) by additional heat sinking or reducing the duty cycle.

115 Northeast Cutoff, Box 15036 Worcester, Massachusetts (508) 853-5000 Copyright 2000, Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.

Limits Characteristic Output Voltage (reference specified VO(nom)) Output Volt. Temp. Coeff. Line Regulation Load Regulation Dropout Voltage Ground Terminal Current aVO VO(VI) VO(IO) VImin - VO IGND IQ ENABLE Input Voltage VEH VEL ENABLE Input Current Rejection Ratio IE PSRR Symbol VO Test Conditions IO 50 mA* VI = VO(nom), = 10 mA, IO 50 mA*, 7 V, Output 7 V, Output OFF VI = VO(nom) = 100 mV, = 10 mA, = 1 kHz = 10 kHz f 100 kHz, = 10 mA, 10 F Min. -0.05 2.0 Typ. Max. Units V mV/C V A

Typical values are = +25C and are given for circuit design information only. * Pulse test (20 ms). See previous page for duty cycle limitations.


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