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DescriptionDynamic, Peak-Detecting, Differential Hall-effect Gear-tooth Sensor Module
CompanyAllegro Micro Systems, Inc.
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The ATS610LSA and ATS611LSB gear-tooth sensors are optimized Hall IC plus magnet modules that provide a user-friendly solution for digital gear-tooth sensing applications. Each module combines in a compact high-temperature plastic package, a samarium-cobalt magnet, a pole piece, and a differential Hall-effect IC that has been optimized to the magnetic circuit. These sensors can be easily used in conjunction with a wide variety of gear or target shapes and sizes. The ATS610LSA is designed to provide increased immunity to false switching in applications that require the sensing of large-tooth gears (e.g., crank angle or cam angle). The ATS611LSB is optimized to sense fine-pitch gears over large working air gaps (e.g., transmission or ABS). These sensors are ideal for use in gathering speed, position, and timing information using gear-tooth-based configurations. The gear-sensing technology used for these sensor plus magnet modules is Hall-effect based. The sensor incorporates a dual-element Hall IC that switches in response to differential magnetic signals created by the ferrous target. The circuitry contains a patented track-and-hold peak-detecting circuit to eliminate magnet and system offset effects. This circuit has the ability to detect relatively fast changes, such as those caused by gear wobble and eccentricities, and provides stable operation at extremely low rotation speeds.

Supply Voltage, VCC......................... 16 V* Reverse Supply Voltage, VRCC....... -0.5 V Output OFF Voltage, VOUT................. 18 V Reverse Output Voltage, VOUT....... -0.5 V Continuous Output Current, IOUT... 25 mA Minimum External Capacitance, 0.1 F Package Power Dissipation, PD.................................... See Graph Operating Temperature Range, TA........................... to +150C* Storage Temperature, TS............ +170C

* Operation at increased supply voltages with external circuitry is described in Applications Information. Devices for operation at increased temperatures are available on special order.

Fully Optimized Differential Digital Gear-Tooth Sensor Single-Chip Sensing IC for High Reliability Extremely Low Timing Accuracy Drift with Temperature Large Operating Air Gaps Small Mechanical Size Optimized Magnetic Circuit Patented Peak-Detecting Filter: <200 s Power-On Time <10 RPM Operation (single-tooth target) Correct First-Edge Detection Uses Small Value Ceramic Capacitors Under-Voltage Lockout Wide Operating Voltage Range Defined Power-Up State

Always order by complete part number, e.g., ATS610LSA.

Both sensors are packaged in miniature plastic housings that have been optimized for size, ease of assembly, and manufacturability. High operating temperature materials are used in all aspects of construction. Devices for operation at increased temperatures are also available on special order. ATS610LSA: Large-tooth, gear-position sensing crank angle, cam angle. ATS611LSB: Fine-pitch, large air gap, gear-speed sensing transmission, ABS.

115 Northeast Cutoff, Box 15036 Worcester, Massachusetts 853-5000 W Copyright 2002 Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS over operating voltage and temperature range, to 0.47 F.

Limits Characteristic Supply Voltage Power-On State Under-Voltage Lockout Under-Voltage Hysteresis Output Saturation Voltage Output Leakage Current Supply Current Symbol VCC POS VCC(UV) VCC(hys) VOUT(SAT) IOFF ICC Test Conditions Operating, < 165C VCC IOUT = 20 mA, VCC Lockout (VCC(UV)) Shutdown IOUT 20 mA VOUT 16 V Output OFF Output ON Power-On Delay Output Rise Time Output Fall Time ton 10 pF Min. VCC(UV) HIGH Typ. HIGH Max. 16 HIGH Units mA s

NOTE: Typical data is at VCC 5 V and = +25C and is for design information only.


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