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Consisting of eight npn Darlington output stages and the associated common-emitter input stages, these drivers are designed to interface between low-level digital logic and vacuum fluorescent displays. Both devices are capable of driving the digits and/or segments of these displays and are designed to permit all outputs to be activated simultaneously. Pull-down resistors are incorporated into each output and no external components are required for most fluorescent display applications. With any device, the output load is activated when the input is pulled towards the positive supply (active `high'). The UDN6118A is furnished in a standard 18-pin plastic DIP; the a 20lead wide-body SOIC. Both units operate over the temperature range to +85C. These devices are also available for operation over the temperature range +85C by changing the part number or A6118ELW.


Supply Voltage, VBB. 85 V Input Voltage, VIN. 20 V Output Current, IOUT. -40 mA Allowable Package Power Dissipation, PD. See Graph Operating Temperature Range, TA. to +85C Storage Temperature Range, TS. to +150C

Caution: The high input impedance of these devices makes them susceptible to static discharge damage associated with handling and testing. Techniques similar to those used for handling MOS devices should be employed.

s Integral Output Pull-Down Resistors s High Output Breakdown Voltage s Single or Split Supply Operation s Automotive Capable

Always order by complete part number, e.g., UDN6118A.

115 Northeast Cutoff, Box 15036 Worcester, Massachusetts (508) 853-5000 Copyright 1977, 2000 Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS (over operating temperature range) at VBB 80 V.

Characteristic Output Leakage Current Output OFF Voltage Output Pull-Down Current Output ON Voltage Input ON Current Symbol IOUT VOUT IOUT VOUT IIN Test Conditions VIN 0.4 V VIN 0.4 V Input Open, VOUT = VBB VIN 2.4 V, IOUT -25 mA VIN 2.4 V VIN 5.0 V Supply Current IBB All Inputs Open All Inputs 2.4 V Min. 450 77 Limits Typ. Max. Units A mA

Characteristic Supply Voltage Input ON Voltage Output ON Current Symbol VBB VIN IOUT Test Conditions Min. 5.0 2.4 Typ. Limits Max. 15 -25 Units V mA

NOTE: Positive (negative) current is defined as going into (coming out of) the specified device terminal.


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