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Description15 Microwatt, Ultra-sensitive Hall-effect Switch
CompanyAllegro Micro Systems, Inc.
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Features, Applications

The A6273KA and A6273KLW combine eight (positive-edgetriggered D-type) data latches and DMOS outputs for systems requiring relatively high load power. Driver applications include relays, solenoids, and other medium-current or high-voltage peripheral power loads. The CMOS inputs and latches allow direct interfacing with microprocessor-based systems. Use with TTL may require appropriate pull-up resistors to ensure an input logic high. The DMOS output inverts the DATA input. All of the output drivers are disabled (the DMOS sink drivers turned OFF) with the CLEAR input low. The A6273KA/KLW DMOS open-drain outputs are capable of sinking to 750 mA. Similar devices with reduced rDS(on) will be available as the A6A273. The A6273KA is furnished a 20-pin dual in-line plastic package. The A6273KLW is furnished a 20-lead wide-body, small-outline plastic package (SOIC) with gull-wing leads for surface-mount applications. Copper lead frames, reduced supply current requirements, and low on-state resistance allow both devices to sink 150 mA from all outputs continuously, to ambient temperatures over 85C.

Note that the A6273KA (DIP) and the A6273KLW (SOIC) are electrically identical and share a common terminal number assignment.

Output Voltage, VO............................. 50 V Output Drain Current, Continuous, IO....................... 250 mA* Peak, IOM.............................. 750 mA* Peak, IOM..................................... 2.0 A Single-Pulse Avalanche Energy, EAS.............................................. 75 mJ Logic Supply Voltage, VDD................ 7.0 V Input Voltage Range, VI................................. +7.0 V Package Power Dissipation, PD........................................ See Graph Operating Temperature Range, TA.............................. to +125C Storage Temperature Range, TS.............................. to +150C

* Each output, all outputs on. Pulse duration 100 s, duty cycle 2%. Caution: These CMOS devices have input static protection (Class 3) but are still susceptible to damage if exposed to extremely high static electrical charges.


50 V Minimum Output Clamp Voltage 250 mA Output Current (all outputs simultaneously) I 1.3 Typical rDS(on) I Low Power Consumption I Replacements for TPIC6273N and TPIC6273DW

Always order by complete part number: Part Number Package A6273KA 20-pin DIP A6273KLW 20-lead SOIC

L = Low Logic Level H = High Logic Level X = Irrelevant R = Previous State

115 Northeast Cutoff, Box 15036 Worcester, Massachusetts (508) 853-5000 Copyright 2000, Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.


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