Details, datasheet, quote on part number: A6276SLWA
Description16-Bit Serial-input,constant-current Latched Led Driver
CompanyAllegro Micro Systems, Inc.
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Features, Applications

The A6276EA and A6276ELW are specifically designed for LEDdisplay applications. Each BiCMOS device includes a 16-bit CMOS shift register, accompanying data latches, and 16 npn constant-current sink drivers. Except for package style and allowable package power dissipation, the two devices are identical. The CMOS shift register and latches allow direct interfacing with microprocessor-based systems. With 5 V logic supply, typical serial data-input rates are to 20 MHz. The LED drive current is determined by the user's selection of a single resistor. A CMOS serial data output permits cascade connections in applications requiring additional drive lines. For inter-digit blanking, all output drivers can be disabled with an ENABLE input high. Similar 8-bit devices are available as the A6275EA and A6275ELW. Two package styles are provided for through-hole DIP (suffix A) or surface-mount SOIC (suffix LW). Under normal applications, a copper lead frame and low logic-power dissipation allow the dual in-line package to sink maximum rated current through all outputs continuously over the operating temperature range (90 mA, 0.75 V drop, +85C). Both devices are also available for operation over the standard temperature range +85C. To order, change the suffix letter `E' to `S'.

Note that the A6276EA (DIP) and the A6276ELW (SOIC) are electrically identical and share a common terminal number assignment.

Supply Voltage, VDD...................... 7.0 V Output Voltage Range, VO............................ +17 V Output Current, IO........................ 90 mA Ground Current, IGND............... 1475 mA Input Voltage Range, VI.................... V to VDD 0.4 V Package Power Dissipation, PD..................................... See Graph Operating Temperature Range, TA............................. to +85C Storage Temperature Range, TS........................... to +150C

Caution: These CMOS devices have input static protection (Class 2) but are still susceptible to damage if exposed to extremely high static electrical charges.


90 mA Constant-Current Outputs Under-Voltage Lockout Low-Power CMOS Logic and Latches High Data Input Rate Functional Replacement for TB62706BN/BF

Always order by complete part number, e.g., A6276EA.

115 Northeast Cutoff, Box 15036 Worcester, Massachusetts (508) 853-5000 Copyright 2000, 2001 Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.

Serial Shift Register Contents Data Clock Input RN X Serial Latch Data Enable Output Input L = Low Logic (Voltage) Level H = High Logic (Voltage) Level X X... Latch Contents I2 I3...


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