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DescriptionTrue Zero-Speed, Hall-effect Adaptive Gear-tooth Sensor Module
CompanyAllegro Micro Systems, Inc.
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The is an ideal gear-tooth sensor solution for uniform teeth targets as found in today's demanding transmission applications. This digital differential Hall-effect sensor is the choice when repeatability and timing accuracy count. The ATS660LSB incorporates patented self-calibration circuitry (U.S. Pat. 5,917,320) that nulls out the effects of installation air gap, ambient temperature, and magnet offsets to provide superior timing accuracy with symmetrical targets over large operating air gaps typical of targets used in speed-sensing applications (pitches varying from below 0.5 to over 1.2 teeth per diametric millimeter). The self-calibration at power up keeps the performance optimized over the life of the sensor. The ATS660LSB has an opencollector output for direct digital interfacing with no further signal processing required. This device is available in a small 9-mm diameter by 7-mm long package for optimal manufacturing. The integrated circuit incorporates a dual-element Hall-effect sensor and signal processing that switches in response to differential magnetic signals created by the ferrous gear teeth. The circuitry contains a sophisticated digital circuit to eliminate magnet and system offsets and to achieve true zero-speed operation. D-to-A converters are used to adjust the device gain at power on and to allow air-gap independent switching, which greatly reduces vibration sensitivity of the device. FEATURES AND BENEFITS Fully optimized differential digital gear-tooth sensor Single-chip sensing IC for high reliability High vibration immunity Precise duty cycle Small mechanical size (9 mm diameter 7 mm length) Automatic gain control circuitry (self calibration) True zero-speed operation Under-voltage lockout Wide operating temperature range Optimized Hall IC magnetic circuit Digital signal processing Large operating air gap range Wide operating voltage range Excellent repeatability performance Defined power-on state

Supply Voltage, VCC........................ 26.5 V* Reverse Supply Voltage, VRCC............ -24 V Output OFF Voltage, VOUT................. 26.5 V Reverse Output Voltage, VROUT.......... -24 V Continuous Output Current, IOUT....... 20 mA Reverse Output Current, IROUT.......... 50 mA Package Power Dissipation, PD.......................................... See Graph Operating Temperature Range, TA............................. to +150C* Junction Temperature, (continuous), TJ.......................... +165C (100 hr), TJM............................... +180C Storage Temperature, TS................... +170C * Operation at increased supply voltages with external circuitry is described in Applications Information. Devices for operation at increased temperatures are available on special order.


115 Northeast Cutoff, Box 15036 Worcester, Massachusetts (508) 853-5000 Copyright 2002 Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.

ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS at VCC = VOUT 12 V and = +25C (unless otherwise noted).

Limits Characteristic Supply Voltage Power-On State Under-Voltage Lockout Low Output Voltage Output Current Limit Output LeakageCurrent Supply Current Symbol VCC POS VCC(UV) VOUT(SAT) IOUTM IOFF ICC VOUT 24 V Output off Output on Output Rise Time Output Fall Time Power-On Time Zener Voltage Ir If ton 10 pF Reference gear, <100 rpm IZT = TBD Test Conditions Operating, < 165C VCC V VCC V IOUT 20 mA Min. 4.5 Typ. 12 Max. 24 Units s V


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