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DescriptionSingle Output Open Frame With Optional Cover Designed to Meet Ul, Csa, And Tuv SaFETy Standards 50w, 100w
CompanyAllegro Micro Systems, Inc.
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Features, Applications

Open Frame with Optional Cover Designed to meet UL, CSA, and TUV safety standards

The SWB Series features Sanken' s proprietary resonant-mode power hybrid IC and transformer. These models provide the high efficiency and low noise that can only be realized with a resonant-mode supply. These supplies can accept an input voltage range 264 V, and feature continuous input operation which requires no manual voltage selection. Their design makes it easy to meet the power supply needs of world-wide applications.


to 87% efficiency (SWB Series 50 W), to 88% efficiency (SWB Series 100 W) Low noise Small and lightweight, occupying only about 2/3 the volume of Sanken' s equivalent FCC power supplies

Operation indicator LED Switching AC 1(L) INPUT 2(N) FG V.ADJ Line filter Inrush current limiter Automatic input switching Rectifier Control Overcurrent detection Rectifier and filter S Output

* +S and + are connected with a short bar, as are -S and +S and -S are provided 100 W model.

Item Rated Input Voltage Input Voltage Range Input Frequency Range Input Current Inrush Current Efficiency (typ) Rated Output Voltage Adjustable Output Voltage Range Rated Output Current Output (see Note 3) Adjustable Output Current Range Maximum Output Power Ripple Noise (mVp-p) (see Note 2) Constant Voltage Accuracy Static Input Range Static Load Range Time Driftt

Rated input/output conditions Rated input/output conditions Rated input/output conditions
1.2A/0.9A/0.8A/0.7A (typ) A/60 A (max) (see Note 84% +12V Rated voltage 87% +24V
2.7A/2.3A/1.4A/1.2A (typ) A/60 A (max) (see Note 85% +12V Rated voltage 88% +24V

Ambient Temperature Range to +60C Rated input/output conditions Rated input/output conditions Rated input/output conditions 16ms (min) 360ms/250ms (typ) 0.3mA/0.6mA SMZ, approx. 70 kHz 16ms (min) 370ms/260ms (typ) 0.3mA/0.6mA SMZ, approx. 70 kHz

Output Holdup Time Other Additional Functions Startup Time Leakage Current

Switching Method, Transformer Frequency Over Current Protection Over Voltage Protection Remote Sensing Remote On/Off Control Display Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Operating Humidity Storage Humidity Insulation Withstand Voltage (at normal temperature and Insulation humidity) Insulation Resistance (at normal temperature and humidity) Vibration Resistance Structural Specifications Cooling Requirements External Appearance Size (dimensions in mm) Weight Applicable Standards Safety Standards EMI Standards Between Input and Output Between Input and Frame Between Output and Frame Between Input and Output Between Input and Frame Between Output and Frame

Detection above 105% of rated current (output cutoff) Detection above 115% of rated voltage (output cutoff) Not provided Not provided Red LED operation indicator to 60C (derating above to 90% (no condensation) to 90% (no condensation) V AC for 1 minute V AC for 1 minute Provided Not provided Red LED operation indicator to 60C (derating above to 90% (no condensation) to 90% (no condensation) V AC for 1 minute V AC for 1 minute

100 M (measured with V DC Megger) to 55 Hz, G, 1 hour(in X, Y, and Z directions, with 3-minute vibration time) Natural air cooling Open frame (with optional cover) x H) (without cover) x H) (without cover) about 280 g (without cover) about 450 g (without cover)

Designed to meet UL 1950, CSA C22.2 No. 234 Level 3, TUV (EN (120/230 V AC) Designed to meet FCC Class (120 V AC), VDE 0871 Class (230 V AC)

Note 1: At cold start. (More current may flow at restart.) Note 2: Ripple noise is measured with a 100 MHz oscilloscope, using a 1:1 probe. Note 3: Output characteristics are measured at the output connector. Ripple noise is measured at a point 5 cm from the output connector, with 47 F electrolytic capacitor attached at that point. * "Rated input/output conditions" means that the switching power supply is operated under the rated input voltage, rated output voltage, rated output current, rated frequency, and at an ambient temperature of 25C and 60% humidity.


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