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CategoryPower Management => Power Supply Controllers
DescriptionWide Input Voltage Range With Automatic Voltage Selection. 15w, 30w, 50w, 100w, 150w
CompanyAllegro Micro Systems, Inc.
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Features, Applications

Wide input voltage range with automatic voltage selection.

The SWA series is made up of general-purpose, single-output power supply units for world-wide use. Input voltages from 264 V may be used with no manual voltage selection required. The series has five advanced-design models ranging from 150 W. The 100 W and 150 W models are equipped with Power Factor Correction circuits, and take into account the IEC 555 Part 2 regulations on harmonic currents.


Wide input voltage range High power factor of 0.95 achieved using a Power Factor Correction W, 150 W) New Barrierless Transformer technology for reduced size MOSFET-based main switching circuit for high efficiency Designed to meet UL, CSA, and VDE safety standards The 100 W and 150 W models are equipped with Power Factor Correction circuits.

LED Indicator +S INPUT 2(N) FG Line filter Rectifier Filter PFC Inrush current limiter Switching Rectifier and filter S Output

Photo Coppler Overcurrent Detector Photo Coppler
* No power correction 50 W models. +S and + are connected with a short bar, as are -S and

Item Conditions Rated Input Voltage Input Voltage Range Rated Frequency Range Input Current (see Note 1) Inrush Current (see Note 1, 2) Efficiency (typ) (see Note 1) Rated Output Voltage Adjustable Output Voltage Range Rated Output Current Adjustable Output Current Range Maximum Output Power Ripple (mVp-p) (see Note 1, 4) Static Input Range 264V AC Static Load Range to 100% Time Driftt to 8 hours Ambient Temperature Range to +50C Output Holdup Time (see Note 1) Startup Time (see Note 1) Leakage Current (see Note 1) Switching Method, Transformer Frequency Over Current Protection Over Voltage Protection Remote Sensing Remote On/Off Control Display Temperature Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Relative Humidity Operating Humidity Storage Humidity Insulation Withstand Voltage Between Input and Output (see Note 5) Between Input and Frame Between Output and Frame Insulation Resistance Between Input and Output Between Input and Frame Between Output and Frame Vibration Resistance Cooling Requirements External Appearance Size (dimensions in mm) Weight Safety Standards

10ms (min) 20ms (typ) 0.5mA (max) RCC topology, approx. 70 kHz (under rated input/output conditions) Detection above 105% of rated current (output cutoff) Detection above 145% of rated voltage (output cutoff) Not provided Not provided LED operation indicator to 50C (no cover) to 90% (no condensation) to 90% (no condensation) V AC for 1 minute, V AC for 1 second (Leakage current mA or less) V AC for 1 minute, V AC for 1 second (Leakage current mA or less) 100 M (measured with V DC Megger) to 55 Hz, G, 1 hour (in X, Y, and Z directions) Natural air cooling Open frame (with optional cover) x H) (without cover) 265 g (open frame) Designed to meet UL 1950 Designed to meet CSA C22.2 No. 234 Designed to meet EN 60950 Designed to meet VDE 0871 Class 240 V AC) Designed to meet FCC Class 120 V AC)

Note 1: Rated input/output conditions means that the switching power supply is operated under the rated input voltage, rated frequency, rated output voltage, rated output current, and at an ambient temperature of 25C and 60% humidity. Note 2: At cold start. (More current may flow at restart.) Note 3: All output characteristics are measured at a point 5 cm from the output connector, with 47 F electrolytic capacitor attached at that point. Note 4: Ripple noise is measured with a 100 MHz oscilloscope, using a 1:1 probe. Note 5: At room temperature and normal humidity.


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LTZ1000 : > 5V. Ultra Precision Reference. 1.2VP-P Noise 2V/kHr Long Term Stability Very Low Hysteresis 0.05ppm/C Drift Temperature Stabilized The LTZ1000 and LTZ1000A are ultra stable temperature controllable references. They are designed to provide 7V outputs with temperature drifts of 0.05ppm/C, about 1.2VP-P of noise and long term stability of 2V/kHr. Included on the chip is a subsurface.

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RT34063A : Input Volt. Range (V) = 3~30 ;; Output Volt. Range (V) = Adjustable ;; Quiescent Current = 3mA ;; Frequency(kHz) = 100 ;; Eff. (%) = 85 ;; Topology = Buck/boost/inverting ;; Packages = SOP-8,DIP-8 ;;.

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UCQ-1.2/40-D24P-C : Quarter-Brick UCQ Series DC/DC Converters Provide Economical Solution With Outstanding Thermal Performance Murata Power Solutions has introduced a new series of single output, isolated DC/DC converters that combine excellent performance and low cost in applications such as telecom and datacoms equipment, base stations and embedded systems..

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MM912H634CV1AE : Integrated S12 Based Relay Driver With LIN The MM912G634 (48 kB) and MM912H634 (64 kB) are integrated single package solutions that integrate an HCS12 microcontroller with a SMARTMOS analog control IC. The Die to Die Interface (D2D) controlled analog die combines system base chip and application specific functions, including a LIN transceiver..

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