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The UCN5895A, UCN5895EP, and A5895SLW BiMOS II serialinput, latched source drivers are designed for applications emphasizing low output saturation voltages and currents -250 mA per output. These smart high-side octal, driver ICs merge an 8-bit CMOS shift register, associated CMOS latches, and CMOS control logic (strobe and output enable) with medium current emitter-follower (sourcing) outputs. Typical applications include incandescent or LED displays (both directly driven and multiplexed), non-impact (i.e., thermal) printers, relays, and solenoids. Each device is suitable for high-side applications -250 mA per channel. The maximum supply voltage 50 V and a minimum output sustaining voltage rating 35 V for inductive load applications. Under normal operating conditions, the UCN5895A and UCN5895EP are capable of providing mA (8 outputs continuous and simultaneous) at +65C with a logic supply 5 V. Similar devices, with higher output current ratings, are the UCN5890A and UCN5891A. BiMOS II devices can operate at greatly improved data-input rates. With 5 V supply, they will typically operate at better than 5 MHz. 12 V, significantly higher speeds are obtained. The CMOS inputs provide for minimum loading and are compatible with standard CMOS, PMOS, and NMOS circuits. TTL or DTL circuits may require the use of appropriate pull-up resistors to ensure a proper input-logic high. A CMOS serial data output allows cascading these devices in multiple drive-line applications required by many dot matrix, alphanumeric, and bar graph displays. These devices are rated for continuous operation over the temperature range to +85C. Because of limitations on package power dissipation, the simultaneous operation of all output drivers may require a reduction in duty cycle. The UCN5895A is supplied in a standard 16-pin dual in-line plastic package with a copper lead frame for increased allowable package power dissipation. The UCN5895EP is supplied a 20-lead plastic leaded chip carrier for minimum area, surface-mount applications. The A5895SLW is supplied a 16-lead wide-body plastic SOIC.


Note the UCN5895A (DIP) and the A5895SLW (SOIC) are electrically identical and share a common terminal number assignment.

Output Voltage, VOUT. 50 V Logic Supply Voltage Range, VDD. 12 V Driver Supply Voltage Range, VBB. 50 V Input Voltage Range, VIN. V to VDD 0.3 V Continuous Output Current, IOUT. -250 mA Allowable Package Power Dissipation, PD. See Graph Operating Temperature Range, TA. to +85C Storage Temperature Range, TS. to +150C

Caution: CMOS devices have input-static protection, but are susceptible to damage when exposed to extremely high static electrical charges.


Low Output-Saturation Voltage Source Outputs 50 V Output Current To 3.3 MHz Data-lnput Rate Low-Power CMOS Logic & Latches

Always order by complete part number, e.g., UCN5895A.

115 Northeast Cutoff, Box 15036 Worcester, Massachusetts (508) 853-5000 Copyright 1985, 2003 Allegro MicroSystems, Inc.

Characteristic Output Leakage Current Symbol IOUT = +70C Output Saturation Voltage VCE(SAT) IOUT -60 mA IOUT -120 mA Output Sustaining Voltage Input Voltage VCE(sus) VIN(1) IOUT = -120 mA, 2 mH VDD 5.0 V VDD V VIN(0) Input Current IIN(1) VDD 12 V VDD = VIN 5.0 V VDD = VIN 12 V Input lmpedance zIN VDD 5.0 V VDD 12 V Max. Clock Frequency Serial Data-Output Resistance Turn-ON Delay Turn-OFF Delay Supply Current fCLK rOUT VDD 5.0 V VDD 12 V tPLH tPHL IBB Output Enable to Output, IOUT -120 mA Output Enable to Output, IOUT -120 mA All outputs ON, All outputs open All outputs OFF IDD VDD 5 V, All outputs OFF, Inputs 0 V VDD 12 V, All outputs OFF, Inputs 0 V VDD 5 V, One output ON, All inputs 0 V VDD 12 V, One output ON, All inputs 0 V Diode Leakage Current = +70C Diode Forward Voltage 120 mA Test Conditions Min. Limits Max. Units A k MHz A V


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