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Description25-29 GHZ GAAS Mmic Driver Amplifier
CompanyAlpha Industries
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Single Bias Supply Operation 17 dB Typical Small Signal Gain 16 dBm Typical P1 dB Output Power at 26.5 GHz 0.25 m Ti/Pd/Au Gates 100% On-Wafer RF and DC Testing 100% Visual Inspection MT 2010

Dimensions indicated in mm. All DC (V) pads are 0.1 mm and RF In, Out pads are 0.07 mm wide. Chip thickness = 0.1 mm.


Skyworks' three-stage reactively-matched 2529 GHz GaAs MMIC driver amplifier has typical small signal gain 17 dB with a typical of 16 dBm at 26.5 GHz. The chip uses Skyworks' proven 0.25 m MESFET technology, and is based upon MBE layers and electron beam lithography for the highest uniformity and repeatability. The FETs employ surface passivation to ensure a rugged, reliable part with through-substrate via holes and gold-based backside metallization to facilitate a conductive epoxy die attach process. All chips are screened for gain, output power and S-parameters prior to shipment for guaranteed performance.

Characteristic Operating Temperature (TC) Storage Temperature (TST) Bias Voltage (VD) Power In (PIN) Junction Temperature (TJ) Value +150C 7 VDC 16 dBm 175C

Parameter Drain Current Small Signal Gain Input Return Loss Output Return Loss Output Power 1 dB Gain Compression Saturated Output Power Two-Tone Output Third-Order Thermal Resistance2

1. Not measured a 100% basis. 2. Calculated value based on measurement of discrete FET. 3. Typical represents the median parameter value across the specified frequency range for the median chip.

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Output Power and Relative Third-Order Intermodulation Products = 26 GHz, VDS 6 V

For biasing on, adjust VDS from zero to the desired value (6 V recommended). For biasing off, reverse the biasing on procedure.


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AA028N1-99 23-30 GHZ Low Noise Amplifier
AA028N1-A2 24-30 GHZ Surface Mount Low Noise Amplifier
AA028N2-00 AA028N2-00:25 32 GHZ GAAS Mmic Low Noise Pre-amplifier
AA028P1-00 27-29 GHZ GAAS Mmic Power Amplifier
AA028P2-00 23.5-26.5 GHZ GAAS Mmic Driver Amplifier
AA028P2-99 25-31 GHZ Amplifier
AA028P2-A2 25-31 GHZ Surface Mount Amplifier
AA028P3-00 27-31 GHZ GAAS Mmic Driver Amplifier
AA031P1-00 28-32 GHZ GAAS Mmic Driver Amplifier
AA031P1-A2 28-32 GHZ Surface Mount Driver Amplifier
AA032P1-00 30-36 GHZ GAAS Mmic Power Amplifier
AA032P1-A4 29-32 GHZ Surface Mount Medium Power Amplifier
AA035N1-00 28-36 GHZ GAAS Mmic Low Noise Amplifier
AA035N1_N2-00 AA035N1_N2-00:28 36 GHZ GAAS Mmic Low Noise Amp...
AA035N2-00 28-36 GHZ GAAS Mmic Low Noise Amplifier
AA035P3-00 31-35 GHZ GAAS Mmic Driver Amplifier
AA038N1-00 28-40 GHZ GAAS Mmic Low Noise Amplifier
AA038N1-99 26-41 GHZ Low Noise Amplifier

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