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Description23.5-26.5 GHZ GAAS Mmic Power Amplifier
CompanyAlpha Industries
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Single Bias Supply Operation 17 dB Typical Small Signal Gain 24 dBm Typical P1 dB Output Power at 26.5 GHz 100% On-Wafer RF and DC Testing 100% Visual Inspection to MIL-STD MT 2010


Skyworks' three-stage balanced K band GaAs MMIC power amplifier has a typical of 24 dBm and a typical PSAT of 26 dBm at 26.5 GHz. The chip uses Skyworks' proven 0.25 m MESFET technology, and is based upon MBE layers and electron beam lithography for the highest uniformity and repeatability. The FETs employ surface passivation to ensure a rugged, reliable part with through-substrate via holes and gold-based backside metallization to facilitate a conductive epoxy die attach process. All chips are screened for small signal S-parameters and power characteristics prior to shipment for guaranteed performance. A broad range of applications exist in both the commercial and military areas where high power and gain are required.

Dimensions indicated in mm. All DC (V) pads are 0.1 mm and RF In, Out pads are 0.07 mm wide. Chip thickness = 0.1 mm.

Characteristic Operating Temperature (TC) Storage Temperature (TST) Bias Voltage (VD) Power In (PIN) Junction Temperature (TJ) Value +150C 7 VDC 22 dBm 175C

Parameter Drain Current (at Saturation) Small Signal Gain Input Return Loss Output Return Loss Output Power 1 dB Gain Compression Saturated Output Power Two-Tone Output Third-Order Intercept1 Gain at Saturation Thermal Resistance2

1. Not measured a 100% basis. 2. Calculated value based on measurement of discrete FET. 3. Typical represents the median parameter value across the specified frequency range for the median chip.

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Typical Small Signal Performance S-Parameters (VDS 6 V)
Output Characteristics as a Function of Input Drive Level = 26.5 GHz, VDS 6 V)
Output Power and Relative Third-Order Intermodulation Products = 26.5 GHz, VDS 6 V

For biasing on, adjust VDS from zero to the desired value (6 V recommended). For biasing off, reverse the biasing on procedure.


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