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DescriptionAA230-24:GaAs ic 3 Bit Digital Attenuator 4 DB...
CompanyAlpha Industries
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Attenuation 4 dB steps 28 dB with High Accuracy Low Cost SOIC-14 Plastic Package Low DC Power Consumption


The an IC FET digital attenuator consisting of three monolithic attenuators with LSB 4 dB and a total attenuation 28 dB with all attenuators connected. Attenuators are switched with -5 and 0 V. The AA230-24 is particularly suited where high attenuation accuracy, low insertion loss and low intermodulation products are required. Typical applications include cellular radio, wireless data, wireless local loop and other gain level control circuits.

Parameter1 Insertion DC1.0 DC2.0 GHz Min. Typ. DC1.0 GHz DC2.0 GHz VSWR (I/O) DC2.0 GHz of Attenuation Setting in dB) of Attenuation Setting in dB) 1.3:1 1.5:1 Max. Unit dB

Parameter Switching Characteristics5 Condition Rise, Fall or 90/10% RF) On, Off (50% CTL to 90/10% RF) Video Feedthru 0.502.0 GHz 0.05 GHz For Two-tone Input Power +5 dBm 0.502.0 GHz 0.05 GHz Frequency Min. Typ. Max. Unit ns mV dBm

Input Power for 1 dB Compression Intermodulation Intercept Point (IP3) Control Voltages

4. Attenuation referenced to insertion loss. 5. Video feedthru measured with 1 ns risetime pulse and 500 MHz bandwidth.

1. All measurements made a 50 system, unless otherwise specified. = 300 kHz. 3. Insertion loss changes by 0.003 dB/C.

*Due to conflict with another company's product numbering system, Alpha's attenuator products starting with the letters "AD" are being changed to "AA".

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. [978] 241-7000 Fax [978] 241-7906 Email

Characteristic RF Input Power Control Voltage Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Value > 500 MHz @ 50 MHz to +150C

Note: Exceeding these parameters may cause irreversible damage.


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