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DescriptionAK002M2-12:GaAs ic SPDT Switch With Integral...
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GaAs IC SPDT Switch With Integral Driver Non-Reflective DC2.5 GHz

Low DC Current 4 mA Total Non-Reflective Integral Driver 5 V Supply Voltages Low Cost SOIC-8 Plastic Package


The GaAs FET IC SPDT non-reflective switch with integral driver is offered in the SOIC-8 package. These devices are useful as modulators as well as switches in instrumentation and telecommunications applications. The integral driver simplifies the external drive circuit, thus saving PC board space and reducing component count.

Parameter Switching Characteristics5 Condition Rise, Fall or 90/10% RF) On, Off (50% CTL to 90/10% RF) Video Feedthru 0.52.0 GHz 0.05 GHz For Two-tone Input Power +13 dBm VLow (0) VHigh 1 mA Typ. 4 mA Typ. 0.52.0 GHz 0.05 GHz Frequency Min. Typ. Max. Unit ns mV dBm

Input Power for 1 dB Compression Intermodulation Intercept Point (IP3) Logic Drives Supply Voltages6,7

1. All measurements made a 50 system, unless otherwise specified. = 300 kHz. 3. Insertion loss changes by 0.003 dB/C. 4. Insertion loss state. 5. Video feedthru measured with 1 ns risetime pulse and 500 MHz bandwidth.

6. Supply voltage must be connected before control voltage is applied. Use of toggle switches or other similar components may produce voltage spikes which can cause irreversible damage to the device. 7. Current increases from at +85C.

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0 J1J2 Insertion Loss Isolation J1J3 Isolation 3 Insertion Loss
DC blocking capacitors (CBL) must be supplied externally. CBL 100 pF for operation >500 MHz.


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