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DescriptionAK100-25:GaAs ic 4 Bit Dig Atten With Driver...
CompanyAlpha Industries
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Attenuation 2 dB Steps 30 dB Low DC Current Consumption 10 mA Total Integral Driver 5 V Supply Voltages Low Cost SOIC-16 Plastic Package


The an IC FET digital attenuator consisting of four monolithic attenuators with an LSB 2 dB and a total attenuation 30 dB with all attenuators connected. The device has integral drivers for each bit requiring less than 3 mA per bit. DC supply voltages 5 V are required. The attenuator is packaged a 16 lead plastic SOIC.

Parameter1 Insertion Frequency2 DC0.5 GHz DC1.0 GHz DC2.0 GHz DC2.0 GHz DC2.0 GHz Min. Typ. 3% of Attenuation Setting) 1.4:1 1.6:1 Max. 2.5 3.5 Unit dB

Parameter Switching Characteristics5 Condition Rise, Fall or 90/10% RF) On, Off (50% CTL to 90/10% RF) Video Feedthru 0.502.0 GHz 0.05 GHz For Two-tone Input Power +13 dBm VLow VHigh 3 mA Typ. 10 mA Typ. 0.502.0 GHz 0.05 GHz Frequency Min. Typ. Max. Unit ns mV dBm

Input Power for 1 dB Compression Intermodulation Intercept Point (IP3) Control Voltages Supply Voltages6,7

1. All measurements made a 50 system, unless otherwise specified. = 300 kHz. 3. Insertion loss changes by 0.003 dB/C. 4. Attenuation referenced to insertion loss. 5. Video feedthru measured with 1 ns risetime pulse and 500 MHz bandwidth. 6. Supply voltage and ground must be connected before control voltage is applied. Use of toggle switches or other similar components may produce voltage spikes which can cause irreversible damage to the device. 7. Current drain 5 mA Typ. 14 mA Typ. -5 V.

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Characteristic RF Input Power Supply Voltage Control Voltage Operating Temperature Storage Temperature JC Value > 500 MHz @ 50 MHz +150C 30C/W


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DCMM37PMA101 : Gold Panel Mount; Through Hole D-sub Connectors, Interconnect Plug, Male Pins; DSUB 37 M PCB G50 CAD. s: Connector Type: Plug, Male Pins ; Contact Finish: Gold ; : - ; Flange Feature: Housing/Shell (Unthreaded) ; Mounting Type: Panel Mount; Through Hole ; Number of Positions: 37 ; Number of Rows: 2 ; Termination: Solder ; Contact Finish Thickness: 50in.

1825420-2 : SPDT Rocker Switch On-Mom 3A (AC); SWITCH ROCKER SPDT 3A 125V. s: Circuit: SPDT ; Switch Function: On-Mom ; Current Rating: 3A (AC) ; Voltage Rating - AC: 125V ; Voltage Rating - DC: - ; Actuator Style: Concave (Curved) ; Color - Actuator/Cap: Black ; Actuator Marking: No Marking ; Illumination Type, Color: - ; Illumination Voltage (Nominal): - ; Mounting.

CD421440B : 63 A, 1400 V, SCR. s: VDRM: 1400 volts ; VRRM: 1400 volts ; IT(RMS): 63 amps ; IGT: 150 mA ; Standards and Certifications: RoHS ; Package Type: POW-R-BLOK, 5 PIN ; Pin Count: 5.

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