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TitleClock Circuits
DescriptionEePROM Programmable 3-pll Clock Generator ic
CompanyAmerican Microsystems, Inc.
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AMPPDI02 : Variable Gain Amplifier Stage

DETCK01 : General Purpose PLL Ami 0.8 Micron CMOS CWL Double Poly

FS61429 :

FS6322-04 : General Purpose PLL Three-pll Clock Generator ic

FS71429 :

IPC7015 : Primecell Peripheral:sdram CTRL (AHB)

RECF14001 : Ami 0.6 Micron CMOS

AMIS42665ALA : High-speed Low Power CAN Transceiver

AMIS30622C6227G : High Speed CAN Transceiver

0ICAG-001-XTP : High Speed CAN Transceiver

PI321MC-A6 : 300dpi CIS Module

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BQ4285LP : ti BQ4285L, RTC ic With 114x8 Nvsram And Nvsram Control, Alarm Wake-up 3V op on L Version.

CDC9171DBLE : PLL-Based Synthesizers. ti CDC9171, Digital Video Disk PLL Clock Synthesizer.

CY25562SC : EMI Reduction. Emi Suppression. to 200-MHz operating frequency range Wide range of spread selections (9) Accepts clock and crystal inputs Low power dissipation = 70 mw. (Fin = 65 MHz) Frequency spread disable function Center spread modulation Low cycle-to-cycle jitter Eight-pin SOIC package Applications High-resolution VGA controllers LCD panels and monitors Workstations and servers.

DS1075 : Timekeeping, Timers, and Counters. Econoscillator/divider. Dual Fixed frequency outputs (30 KHz - 100 MHz) User-programmable on-chip dividers (from - 513) User-programmable on-chip prescaler 4) No external components ▒0.5% Initial tolerance ▒1% variation over temperature and voltage Internal clock, External clock or crystal reference options Single 5V supply Power-down mode Synchronous output gating The is a fixed.

EXO-3 : Crystal Oscillators. Frequency: 11.059224.576 MHZ. íSince it has a frequency dividing function, it is able to obtain a frequency division 8 (1/256). íThe symmetry of frequency divided output is within 50 plus/minus 2%. íThe oscillation start time has the fast starting characteristic of being 1.5msec. or less. íThe pin arrangement is DIP 8PIN. Item Frequency Range Standard Frequency Stability Operating.

ICS548-05A : Application Specific PLL. Mp3 Audio Clock. The is a low cost, low jitter, high performance clock synthesizer designed to produce audio sampling rates for MP3 systems. Using ICS' patented analog/digital Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) techniques, the device uses an inexpensive 3.6864 MHz crystal or clock input to exactly produce all of the popular audio sampling frequencies. Power down modes allow the chip.

ICS8430DY-111 : 700MHz Low Jitter Lvpecl Frequency Synthesizer. Dual differential 3.3V LVPECL output Selectable to 27MHz differential CLK, nCLK or TEST_CLK input CLK, nCLK accepts any differential input signal: LVPECL, LVHSTL, LVDS, SSTL, HCSL TEST_CLK accepts the following input types: LVCMOS, LVTTL Output frequency range to 700MHz VCO range: to 700MHz Parallel or serial interface for programming counter and output.

ICS9112-28 : Fanout Buffer. 1-to-5PCI-X Fanout Buffer. The is a high performance, low skew, low jitter clock driver. It is designed to distribute high speed clocks in PC systems operating at speeds from to 133 MHz. The ICS9112-28 comes in an eight pin 150 mil SOIC package. It has four output clocks. Frequency range - 133 MHz (3.3V) Less than 200 ps Jitter between outputs Skew controlled outputs Skew less.

ICS9179B-01 : Clock Circuits. Low Skew Buffers. The ICS9179B-01 generates SDRAM clock buffers required for high speed RISC or CISC microprocessor systems such as Intel PentiumPro or Pentium II. An output enable is provided for testability. The device is a buffer with low output to output skew. This is a Fanout buffer device, not using an internal PLL. This buffer can also be a feedback to an external.

M600 : SAW-Based clock modules. Voltage Controlled Saw Oscillator (VCSO). The M600 Series of Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillators (VCSO) is a low cost solution for many Telecom applications. An internal SAW filter provides jitter performance of less than 1psec (rms). This device is specified for an operating temperature range +85░C. A disable feature inhibits the internal oscillator, thereby allowing an external clock to control.

MC10EL33 : Integrated 4 Divider, Diff Input. The is an integrated ¸4 divider. The differential clock inputs and the VBB allow a differential, single-ended or AC coupled interface to the device. The VBB pin, an internally generated voltage supply, is available to this device only. For single-ended input conditions, the unused differential input is connected to VBB as a switching reference voltage.

MC88920 : Clock Circuits. Low Skew CMOS PLL Clock Driver With Power-down/ Power-up Feature.

MK3233 : Clock Circuits. Handheld System Clock Synthesizer. The MK3233 is the smallest size, lowest power system clock synthesizer available. It is the ideal way to generate clocks for smart cell phones, PDAs, and other devices where low power is required. Using analog Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) techniques, the device operates from a single 32.768 kHz crystal to produce the 32.768 kHz, CPU, and serial communications.

MQF21.4-3000/27 : Monolithic Crystal Filter (MCF). Pole No. = 10 ;; Loss /dB = 4.0 ;; Passband /dB = 3.0 ;; Passband /±kHz = 15.00 ;; Ripple /dB = 2.0 ;; Ripple /±kHz = 12.0 ;; Stopband /dB = 70 ;; Stopband /±kHz = 30.00 ;; Stopband /dB = 90 ;; Stopband /±kHz = 40.00 ;; Impedance R/ohm = 910 ;; Impedance C/pf = 15.00 ;; Remarks =   ;; Case.

NJU6311 : Fundamental Quartz-crystal-oscillator ic With "Selectable Divider". Quartz Crystal Oscillator IC with Selectable Divider sGENERAL The is a fundamental quartz crystal oscillator, to 50MHz. The oscillation amplifier incorporates feedback resistor and capacitors (Cg, Cd), therefore, it requires no external component expect quartz crystal, and realizes very low standby current with NAND circuit. The output frequency select.

PLL400-755 : High Performance Signal Source. Model: PLL400-755 Rev: A Date: 4/17/2003 Customer: VARI-L COMPANY Operating Temperature Range: AppNote: ░ C) Parameter Frequency Range Step Size Settling Time - To within 1.0 kHz Output Power Output Phase Noise - 10 kHz Power Supply Current Spurious Product - 30 kHz Reference Feedthrough Harmonic Suppression: 2nd Harmonic 3rd Harmonic Ref Osc Signal:.

RX-8025NB : i C-bus Interface Real Time Clock Module.

TFS80D-1 : SAW Devices (Surface Acoustic Wave). Application = Mobile Communication Systems ;; Center Frequency = 80.07 MHZ ;; 3 DB = 180 KHZ ;; Pass Band Ripple =   ;; Insertion Loss = 16.0dB ;; Group Delay Ripple = 700ns ;; Package = 38 MM X 25 MM Dip.

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