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DescriptionSRAM High Speed Asynchronous 1Mb x8
CompanyAMIC Technology Corporation
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Document Title X 8 BIT HIGH SPEED CMOS SRAM Revision History

Initial issue Change VDR(Max.) from to 5.5V Add 32-pin SOP package Modify 32-pin SOJ package outline drawing and Dimensions

Add 15ns part Change operating current from to 150mA (Max.) Change VDR(Min.) from to 3V Remove 32-pin SOP package


n Single + 5V power supply n Access times: 10/12/15 ns (max.) n Current: Operating: 150mA (max.) Standby: 12mA (max.) n Full static operation, no clock or refreshing required All inputs and outputs are directly TTL compatible Common I/O using three-state output Data retention voltage: 3V (min.) Available in 32-pin SOJ and TSOP packages

The is a high-speed, low-power 1,048,576-bit static random access memory organized as 131,072 words by 8 bits and operates on a single 5V power supply. It is built using high performance CMOS process. Inputs and three-state outputs are TTL compatible and allow for direct interfacing with common system bus structures. Minimum standby power is drawn by this device when chip enable is disable, independent of the other input levels. Data retention is guaranteed at a power supply voltage as low as 3V.

Data Inputs/Outputs Chip Enable 1 Chip Enable 2 Output Enable Write Enable Power Supply Ground No Connection


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