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DescriptionSRAM Low Power & Low Voltage 4Mb x8
CompanyAMIC Technology Corporation
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Document Title X 8 BIT LOW VOLTAGE CMOS SRAM Revision History

n Power supply range: 3.6V n Access times:70 ns (max.) n Current: A62S9308-S series: Operating: 40mA (max.) Standby: 10A (max.) A62S9308-SI series: Operating: 40mA (max.) Standby: 15A (max.) n Extended operating temperature range: to 85C for -SI series Full static operation, no clock or refreshing required All inputs and outputs are directly TTL compatible Common I/O using three-state output Output enable and two chip enable inputs for easy application n Data retention voltage: 2V (min.) n Available in 32-pin SOP, TSOP, sTSOP (8X 13.4mm) forward type and 36-ball Mini BGA (6X8) packages

The is a low operating current 4,194,304-bit static random access memory organized as 524,288 words by 8 bits and operates on a low power supply voltage from to 3.6V. Inputs and three-state outputs are TTL compatible and allow for direct interfacing with common system bus structures. Two chip enable inputs for Mini BGA package are provided for power down and a device enable and an output enable input are included for easy interfacing. Data retention is guaranteed at a power supply voltage as low as 2V.

Description Address Inputs Write Enable Power Supply Data Inputs/Outputs Ground Chip Enable 1 Output Enable

Data Inputs/Outputs 8 Ground Chip Enable 1 Output Enable 30 Write Enable 32


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