Details, datasheet, quote on part number: AAT3223IGU-3.3-T1
CategoryPower Management => Regulators => Linear Regulators => LDO (Low Drop Out)
Description250mA Nanopower LDO Linear Regulator With Power ok
CompanyAnadigics, Inc.
DatasheetDownload AAT3223IGU-3.3-T1 datasheet
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Features, Applications
250mA NanoPowerTM LDO Linear Regulator with Power OK General Description

The AAT3223 PowerLinearTM NanoPower Low Dropout Linear Regulator is ideal for portable applications where extended battery life is critical. This device features extremely low quiescent current which is typically 1.1A. Dropout voltage is also very low, typically at 100mA. The AAT3223 has an Enable pin feature, which when pulled low will put the LDO regulator into a shutdown mode removing power from its load and offering extended power conservation capabilities for portable battery powered applications. The AAT3223 also has a Power OK (POK) feature. The POK function monitors the LDO output voltage and will alert the system if the output falls out of regulation. The AAT3223 has output short circuit and over current protection. In addition, the device also has an over temperature protection circuit, which will shutdown the LDO regulator during extended over current event events. The AAT3223 is available in a space saving 8-pin SC70JW package. The device is rated over to 85C temperature range. The AAT3223 is similar to the AAT3221 with the exception that it offers the additional Power OK function through the POK pin.


1.1 A Quiescent Current 250 mA Output Current Low Dropout: 190 mV (typical) High accuracy: 2% Current limit protection Over-Temperature protection Extremely Low power shutdown mode Low Temperature Coefficient Factory programmed output voltages Stable operation with virtually any output capacitor type Power OK signal output Active high Enable pin 8-pin SC70JW package 4kV ESD


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250mA NanoPowerTM LDO Linear Regulator with Power OK Pin Descriptions

Input pin. It is recommended to bypass this pin with a 1F capacitor Ground connection pin Output pin. This pin should be decoupled with 1F or larger capacitor. Not connected Enable input. Active high, logic level compatible. Power OK output pin. This pin pulled to ground during a power failure, it is normally high impedance and should have a 100k pull-up resistor connected to OUT.

250mA NanoPowerTM LDO Linear Regulator with Power OK Absolute Maximum Ratings

Input Voltage EN to GND Voltage Maximum EN to Input Voltage Maximum DC Output Current Operating Junction Temperature Range Maximum Soldering Temperature (at leads, 10 sec)

Note: Stresses above those listed in Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. Functional operation at conditions other than the operating conditions specified is not implied. Only one Absolute Maximum rating should be applied at any one time.

Note 1: Mounted on a demo board. Note 2: Derate 6.7mW/C above 25C.

Note 3: To calculate minimum input voltage, use the following equation: VIN(MIN) = VOUT(MAX) + VDO(MAX) as long as VIN 2.5V.


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