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DescriptionAD1981B AC'97 SoundMAX® Codec
CompanyAnalog Devices
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FEATURES '97 2.3 COMPATIBLE FEATURES S/PDIF Output, 20 Bits Data Format, Supporting 48 kHz and 44.1 kHz Sample Rates Integrated Stereo Headphone Amplifier Variable Sample Rate Audio External Audio Power-Down Control Greater than 90 dB Dynamic Range Stereo Full-Duplex Codec 20-Bit PCM DAC 3 Analog Line-Level Stereo Inputs for Line-In, AUX, and CD Mono Line-Level Phone Input Dual MIC Input with Built-In Programmable Preamp High Quality CD Input with Ground Sense

Mono Output for Speakerphone or Internal Speaker Power Management Support 48-Lead LQFP Package ENHANCED FEATURES Stereo MIC Preamps Support Built-In Digital Equalizer Function for Optimized Speaker Sound Full-Duplex Variable Sample Rates from to 48 kHz with 1 Hz Resolution Jack Sense Pins Provide Automatic Output Switching Software Programmed VREFOUT Output for Biasing Microphone and External Power Amp Split Power Supplies: 3.3 V Digital and 5 V Analog Multiple Codec Configuration Options


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Temperature Digital Supply (VDD) Analog Supply (VCC) Sample Rate (FS) Input Signal Analog Output Pass Band

Calibrated 3 dB Attenuation Relative to Full Scale 0 dB Input 10 k Output Load (LINE_OUT) 32 Output Load (HP_OUT)

Calibrated 0 dB Gain Input 3.0 dB Relative to Full Scale

Parameter ANALOG INPUT Input Voltage (rms Values Assume Sine Wave Input) LINE_IN, AUX, CD, PHONE_IN MIC_IN with +20 dB Gain MIC_IN with 0 dB Gain Input Impedance1 Input Capacitance1 MASTER VOLUME Step Size to 46.5 dB): LINE_OUT_L, LINE_OUT_R Output Attenuation Range1 Step Size to 46.5 dB): MONO_OUT Output Attenuation Range1 Step Size to 46.5 dB): HP_OUT_R, HP_OUT_L Output Attenuation Range Span1 Mute Attenuation dB Fundamental1 PROGRAMMABLE GAIN AMPLIFIER--ADC Step Size to 22.5 dB) PGA Gain Range ANALOG MIXER--INPUT GAIN/AMPLIFIERS/ATTENUATORS Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) CD to LINE_OUT Other to LINE_OUT1 Step Size to 34.5 dB) (All Steps Tested): MIC_IN, LINE_IN, CD, AUX, PHONE_IN, DAC Input Gain/Attenuation Range: MIC_IN, LINE_IN, CD, AUX, PHONE_IN, DAC DIGITAL DECIMATION AND INTERPOLATION FILTERS Pass Band Pass-Band Ripple Transition Band Stop Band Stop-Band Rejection Group Delay Group Delay Variation over Pass Band

Parameter ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERTERS Resolution Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) Dynamic Range (60 dB Input THD+N Referenced to Full Scale, A-Weighted) Signal-to-Intermodulation Distortion1 (CCIF Method) ADC Crosstalk1 Line Inputs (Input L, Ground R, Read R; Input R, Ground L, Read L) Line_In to Other Gain Error2 (Full-Scale Span Relative to Nominal Input Voltage) Interchannel Gain Mismatch (Difference of Gain Errors) ADC Offset Error1 DIGITAL-TO-ANALOG CONVERTERS Resolution Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) LINE_OUT Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) HP_OUT Dynamic Range (60 dB Input THD+N Referenced to Full Scale, A-Weighted) Signal-to-Intermodulation Distortion1 (CCIF Method) Gain Error2 (Output FS Voltage Relative to Nominal Output FS Voltage) Interchannel Gain Mismatch (Difference of Gain Errors) DAC Crosstalk1 (Input L, Zero R, Measure R_OUT; Input R, Zero L, Measure L_OUT) Total Audible Out-of-Band Energy1 (Measured from to 20 kHz) ANALOG OUTPUT Full-Scale Output Voltage; LINE_OUT and MONO_OUT Output Impedance1 External Load Impedance1 Output Capacitance1 External Load Capacitance1 Full-Scale Output Voltage; HP_OUT (0 dB Gain) External Load Impedance1 VREF VREF_OUT (Programmable 3.70 V Nominal) VREF_OUT Current Drive Mute Click (Muted Output Minus Unmuted Midscale DAC Output) STATIC DIGITAL SPECIFICATIONS High Level Input Voltage (VIH): Digital Inputs Low Level Input Voltage (VIL) High Level Output Voltage (VOH), IOH 2 mA Low Level Output Voltage (VOL), IOL 2 mA Input Leakage Current Output Leakage Current POWER SUPPLY Power Supply Range--Analog (AVDD) Power Supply Range--Digital (DVDD) Power V/3.3 V Analog Supply Current--5 V (AVDD) Digital Supply Current--3.3 V (DVDD) Power Supply Rejection (100 mV p-p Signal 1 kHz)1 (At Both Analog and Digital Supply Pins, Both ADCs and DACs) Min Typ Max Unit Bits dB mV Bits dB V rms V p-p pF V rms mA dB


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