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CategoryData Conversion => DAC (Digital to Analog Converters) => >14 bit
DescriptionMonolithic 16-Bit DACport
CompanyAnalog Devices
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FEATURES Complete 16-Bit D/A Function On-Chip Output Amplifier High Stability Buried Zener Reference Monolithic BiMOS II Construction 1 LSB Integral Linearity Error 15-Bit Monotonic over Temperature Microprocessor Compatible 16-Bit Parallel Input Double-Buffered Latches Fast 40 ns Write Pulse Unipolar or Bipolar Output Low Glitch: 15 nV-s Low THD+N: 0.009% MIL-STD-883 Compliant Versions Available

The AD669 DACPORT is a complete 16-bit monolithic D/A converter with an on-board reference and output amplifier. It is manufactured on Analog Devices' BiMOS II process. This process allows the fabrication of low power CMOS logic functions on the same chip as high precision bipolar linear circuitry. The AD669 chip includes current switches, decoding logic, an output amplifier, a buried Zener reference and double-buffered latches. The AD669's architecture insures 15-bit monotonicity over temperature. Integral nonlinearity is maintained 0.003%, while differential nonlinearity 0.003% max. The on-chip output amplifier provides a voltage output settling time s to within 1/2 LSB for a full-scale step. Data is loaded into the in a parallel 16-bit format. The double-buffered latch structure eliminates data skew errors and provides for simultaneous updating of DACs in a multi-DAC system. Three TTL/LSTTL/5 V CMOS compatible signals control the latches: CS, L1 and LDAC. The output range of the AD669 is pin programmable and can be set to provide a unipolar output range or a bipolar output range +10 V. The AD669 is available in seven grades: AN and BN versions are specified from to +85C and are packaged a 28-pin plastic DIP. The AR and BR versions are specified for to +85C operation and are packaged a 28-pin SOIC. The SQ version is specified from to +125C and is packaged in a hermetic 28-pin cerdip package. The AD669 is also available compliant to MIL-STD-883. Refer to the AD669/883B data sheet for specifications and test conditions.

DACPORT is a registered trademark of Analog Devices, Inc.

1. The is a complete voltage output 16-bit DAC with voltage reference and digital latches on a single IC chip. 2. The internal buried Zener reference is laser trimmed to 10.000 volts with 0.2% maximum error. The reference voltage is also available for external applications. 3. The AD669 is both dc and ac specified. DC specs include 1 LSB INL error and 1 LSB DNL error. AC specs include 0.009% THD+ N and 83 dB SNR. The ac specifications make the AD669 suitable for signal generation applications. 4. The double-buffered latches on the AD669 eliminate data skew errors while allowing simultaneous updating of DACs in multi-DAC systems. 5. The output range is a pin-programmable unipolar V or bipolar +10 V output. No external components are necessary to set the desired output range. 6. The AD669 is available in versions compliant with MILSTD-883. Refer to the Analog Devices Military Products Databook or current AD669/883B data sheet for detailed specifications.

Information furnished by Analog Devices is believed to be accurate and reliable. However, no responsibility is assumed by Analog Devices for its use, nor for any infringements of patents or other rights of third parties which may result from its use. No license is granted by implication or otherwise under any patent or patent rights of Analog Devices.

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Model RESOLUTION DIGITAL INPUTS (TMIN to TMAX) VIH (Logic "1" ) VIL (Logic "0" ) IIH (VIH 5.5 V) IIL (VIL 0 V) TRANSFER FUNCTION CHARACTERISTICS1 Integral Nonlinearity TMIN to TMAX Differential Nonlinearity TMIN to TMAX Monotonicity Over Temperature Gain Error2, 5 Gain Drift2 (TMIN to TMAX) Unipolar Offset Unipolar Offset Drift (TMIN to TMAX) Bipolar Zero Error Bipolar Zero Error Drift (TMIN to TMAX) REFERENCE INPUT Input Resistance Bipolar Offset Input Resistance REFERENCE OUTPUT Voltage Drift External Current3 Capacitive Load Short Circuit Current OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS Output Voltage Range Unipolar Configuration Bipolar Configuration Output Current Capacitive Load Short Circuit Current POWER SUPPLIES Voltage VCC4 VEE4 VLL Current (No Load) ICC IEE ILL @ VIH, VIL V @ VIH, VIL 0.4 V Power Supply Sensitivity Power Dissipation (Static, No Load) TEMPERATURE RANGE Specified Performance (A, B) Specified Performance (S)

NOTES 1 For 16-bit resolution, 1 LSB 0.0015% of FSR = 15 ppm of FSR. For 15-bit resolution, 1 LSB 0.003% of FSR = 30 ppm of FSR. For 14-bit resolution 1 LSB 0.006% of FSR = 60 ppm of FSR. FSR stands for Full-Scale Range and 10 V for 10 V span and 20 V for +10 V span. 2 Gain error and gain drift measured using the internal reference. Gain drift is primarily reference related. See the Using the AD669 with the AD688 Reference section for further information. 3 External current is defined as the current available in addition to that supplied to REF IN and SPAN/BIPOLAR OFFSET on the AD669. 4 Operation 12 V supplies is possible using an external reference like the AD586 and reducing the output range. Refer to the Internal/External Reference Use section. 5 Measured with fixed 50 resistors. Eliminating these resistors increases the gain error 0.25% of FSR (Unipolar mode) 0.50% of FSR (Bipolar mode). Refer to the Analog Circuit Connections section. *Same as AD669AN/AR specification. Specifications subject to change without notice. Specifications in boldface are tested on all production units at final electrical test. Results from those tests are used to calculate outgoing quality levels. All min and max specifications are guaranteed. Those shown in boldface are tested on all production units.

(With the exception of Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise and Signal-to-Noise Ratio, these characteristics are included for design guidance only and are not subject to test. THD+N and SNR are 100% tested. TMIN TA TMAX, VCC +15 V, VEE 15 V, VLL +5 V except where noted.)

Units s max s typ s typ s typ s typ s typ % max % max % max dB min nV-s typ nV-s typ nV/Hz typ nV/Hz typ Test Conditions/Comments 20 V Step, 20 V Step, 20 V Step, TMIN TA TMAX 10 V Step, 10 V Step, TMIN TA TMAX 1 LSB Step, TMIN TA TMAX 0 dB, 1001 Hz; Sample Rate = 100 kHz; +25C 20 dB, 1001 Hz; Sample Rate = 100 kHz; +25C 60 dB, 1001 Hz; Sample Rate = 100 kHz; = +25C DAC Alternately Loaded with 8000H and 7FFFH DAC Alternately Loaded with 0000H and FFFFH; CS High Measured at VOUT, 20 V Span; Excludes Reference Measured at REF OUT

Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise B, S Grade B, S Grade B, S Grade Signal-to-Noise Ratio Digital-to-Analog Glitch Impulse Digital Feedthrough Output Noise Voltage Density (1 kHz 1 MHz) Reference Noise

Specifications subject to change without notice. Specifications in boldface are tested on all production units at final electrical test. Results from those tests are used to calculate outgoing quality levels. All min and max specifications are guaranteed. Those shown in boldface are tested on all production units.


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